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Some citizens from the USA have a reputation for being “Ugly Americans.” In the past ten years since retiring to the Philippines, I’ve certainly fit that description on several occasions. Hence, what comes to mind first is the “Manggahan Motorcycle Mayhem Meltdown” incident, for example. On that occasion I had a difference of opinion with the police. Because my “ugly” incidents are too numerous to mention for today’s short post, I’ll move on. Here’s today’s latest offering: “Hey, Pink Shirt! Put on your Life Jacket!”

Return to Medicus City Iloilo

We had to go to Iloilo City yesterday, Tuesday. Dr. Ben Sindingan, over at Medicus Medical Center, was going to remove the stitches from my wife’s injured finger. The capable physician had treated my asawa last week at Medicus’ ER. My better half had sustained the injury when she was repairing a fence post on our property.

Consequently, we boarded a pump boat from Jordan Wharf in Guimaras on Tuesday morning. The skies were cloudy and the weather forecast wasn’t calling for any rain. There wasn’t any line at the pump boat ticket office and we soon boarded our vessel.

The sea tragedy of August 3, 2019 cost 31 people their lives. Three motorized banca boats capsized on the Iloilo Strait during a storm. After the catastrophe the wearing of life jackets was made mandatory.

lifejackets iloilo guimaras pump boat route

I noticed a man with a pink shirt sitting in the front row reserved for Senior Citizens and PWDs, Persons with Disabilities. He wasn’t wearing his life jacket. The crew members were preparing the boat for the 15-minute trek to Parola Wharf in Iloilo City.

I wasn’t going to wait for any crew member to alert the passenger to don their life jacket. The vessel isn’t supposed to leave until every one is wearing their life jackets. Furthermore, the Coast Guard has been checking each pump boat before it leaves.

“Hey, Pink Shirt! Put on your Life Jacket!”

Hey amigo in the front row. You need to put your life jacket on!” I called out.

No response.

Hey, pink shirt! Put on your life jacket!” I shouted out again.

That got a response. However, it was no man that had turned around, but a female senior citizen with short hair. She said nothing and quickly put on her life jacket. Our boat took off without further incident to Iloilo City.

The Ugly American

image from pixabay

“Ugly American?” Perhaps I should had let a crew member handle the situation, but I felt I did the right thing at the moment. Furthermore, my wife didn’t jab me in the ribs with her elbow. Neither did she give me the dreaded “look.”

Therefore, I must have done OK as far as my wife is concerned…this time.

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