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As chronicled in yesterday’s post, we had to take my wife to the hospital for a finger that she had severely injured. We ended up at the Medicus Medical Center in Iloilo. Here’s a look at those Philippines emergency room costs, Iloilo City.

Emergency Room Fee: 550 Philippine pesos, 11 US dollars

Assistance Fee (for our doctor and staff): 1,000 Php, $20

Tetanus Shot: 1,129.00 Php, $22.58

Lidocaine Hydrochloride: 56.47 Php, $1.13

Syringe w/needle (3): 24.30 Php, 49¢

Tetanus Toxoid: 103.95 Php, $2.08

Anesthetic: 882 Php, $17.64

Sterile Gauze Pack: 129.10 Php, $2.58

TOTAL: 3,874.82 Phpesos, $77.50

We purchased the painkillers and antibiotics the doctor prescribed at a local Watson’s for a total of 350 pesos, $7 US dollars. Our grand total costs came to $84.50 US dollars.

medicus hospital iloilo city

The average emergency room visit in the United States cost $1389 in 2017, up 176%, according to a report by the Health Care Cost Institute

DrBen Martin C. Sindingan was our capable and professional physician in the ER. He, along with his staff, did an exemplary job in taking care of my wife.

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