Thu. Aug 5th, 2021

The MARINA, Maritime Industry Authority, has lifted today, 13 August 2019, the suspension of the passenger motorbanca operation in the Guimaras to Iloilo route and vice versa.

This has been done in order to address the stranding of passengers in Guimaras.

The Guimaras to Iloilo route-and vice versa-has been temporarily lifted.

It is subject to the following conditions:  

1. Passengers should wear wear life jackets at all times throughout the voyage.

2. Motorbancas shall carry passengers up to 75% of their authorized capacity load only.

3. The tarpaulins/canvass shall either be rolled- up or removed.

4. The operation of motorbancas shall be during fair weather only. Wind not more than Force 3 of the Beaufort Scale (7-10 knots) and the wave height is not more than 0.5 meters.

5. The motorbancas shall be equipped with distress signals/equipment.

Additional Restrictions

Boat trips will only be allowed from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Beyond that time, passengers are advised to take the roll on-roll off (RORO) vessels or fast crafts located at Lapuz Terminal in Iloilo City or Jordan Wharf in Guimaras.

Passengers with more than 20 kilos of baggage won’t be allowed to board motorboats. They will have to take the Ro-Ro or fast crafts.

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Wave height 0.5 meters is equivalent to 1.64 ft.

Wind speed conversion chart courtesy of
courtesy of the Official MARINA website


NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC: All sea passengers of ships with open deckhouse shall be required to WEAR LIFEJACKETS from the TIME OF DEPARTURE and DURING THE ENTIRE VOYAGE, except in floating restaurants and in ships used in river crossings, in which case lifejackets shall be placed in an easily accessible location.

Any sea passenger who refuses to wear a lifejacket will be arrested to disembark.

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