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2 Guimaras Drug Suspects Selling Weed Arrested

First of all, the possession and sale of marijuana in the Philippines is illegal. It’s a violation of Section 5 of Article II of Republic Act 9165. The Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002. Personally, I don’t care what your personal views on weed are. While lighting up a joint might be legal where you reside, it certainly isn’t in the Philippines. Hence, today’s post: “2 Guimaras Drug Suspects Selling Weed Arrested.”

2 Guimaras Drug Suspects Selling Weed Arrested

Time: 5:20 PM, Friday, July 19, 2019. Where: Barangay Ravina Sur, Sibunag Guimaras. Arrested: Garyniel Benedicto and Gene Gabasa, Ravina residents. Arresting officers: PDEA-Guimaras Ferdenand Kintanar, PDEU-GPPO led by PMAJ Joefer E.Cabural, and Nueva Valencia MPS led by PCAPT Kenneth Bermejo.

PDEA is an acronym for the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency.

Benedicto and Gabasa fell in a buy-bust operation. They sold some weed to an undercover cop for 300 pesos. Six US dollars. Confiscated were two heat-sealed transparent plastic sachets containing dried leaves with stalks and fruiting tops suspected to be marijuana.

PDEA Region VI – Western Visayas Facebook page

Plea Bargain for the Alleged Drug Dealers?

The municipal police station’s custodial facility is the new home of the suspects for now. Will they be able to plea bargain their way to a lighter sentence?

Depends on the amount the two had in their possession.The Supreme Court (SC) ordered on April 10 2018 the adoption of a framework for plea bargain deals in drug cases.

Dangerous Drugs Act or Republic Act 9165 did not previously allow plea bargain deals. 

Those caught selling or trading up to 0.99 grams of shabu and up to 9.99 grams of marijuana can now enter into a plea bargain deal.

Lifetime imprisonment was the previous sentence for this crime.  A plea bargain agreement can now result in a sentence of only 6 months to 4 years in prison.

However, those caught selling and trading over 1 gram of shabu and over 10 grams of marijuana will not be entitled to plea bargain deals.

2 Guimaras Drug Suspects Selling Weed Arrested
PDEA Region VI – Western Visayas Facebook page

The Philippine Supreme has ruled that plea bargaining is prohibited under Section 5 of Republic Act 9165, the aforementioned Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act, Section 5 of RA 9165 for the larger amounts.

Marijuana fits the category of a dangerous drug in the Philippines.

Just Say “No”

As a result of this recent drug bust and another earlier post regarding pushers in Guimaras, it’s wise to just say “no” to drugs. Again, it doesn’t matter if marijuana is legal or not from where you’re from. Due to the fact that weed is illegal in the Philippines, it would be in your best interest to stay away from it.

If you don’t, you could end up in a filthy, rat-infested jail cell in the Philippines. Do you really want that?

KUDOS to the PDEA and local law enforcement for their continuing efforts to eradicate the drug pusher trade in Guimaras.

With reporting and photographs from PDEA Region VI – Western Visayas and Rappler.com.

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