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Retiring in the Philippines 2019

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Retiring to the Philippines 2019. I can still burn trash, pee outside, live pretty cheap and have a comfortable life. What’s not to like?” quote=”Retiring to the Philippines 2019. I can still burn trash, pee outside, live pretty cheap and have a comfortable life. What’s not to like?”]Ferdinand Marcos. Imelda’s 3,000 pairs of shoes. “Thrilla in Manila.” Seems like that’s about all I knew about the Philippines until I started writing to my future Filipina wife.  That was 20 years ago. Here’s a collection of rambling thoughts for those considering retiring in the Philippines 2019.

Foreigners Dropping Like Flies

Yeah, I know 2019 isn’t over yet. While we’re nearing the halfway point, I decided to get a head start. Consequently this post, “Retiring in the Philippines 2019.”

Due to the fact that a few foreigners in Guimaras, the island province we call home, are leaving the Philippines, I wondered if I should even write this article.

Why my friend, Bob Martin, who used to live in Mindanao, has even gone back to the States. Another American that used to comment on this blog has also left Samar and gone to Guam.

Are some folks not seeing the promise of this potential “paradise?”

Has the magic gone?

Image from Pixabay

Whoa! Stop the boat! Why am I even putting the word “paradise” in parentheses? Well, let me tell you something “Sweet Pea,” “paradise,” it ain’t.

Oh, I could tick off the usual boxes on why I love the Philippines. Cheaper cost of living. Surrounded by exotic beauties like my wife (and hey, I don’t get points for that one since my spouse doesn’t even read my stuff.) Friendly Filipinos, blah, blah, blah.

Drug war? Doesn’t concern me. I don’t use drugs. Don’t even smoke. Down to two bottles of San Miguel Pale Pilsen a frickin’ week.

Back to “Paradise” Points

However, Pilgrim, I can still burn trash in the 10’x10’ pit we have dug in our back yard. I don’t need a permit. I don’t need anyone’s permission. (Furthermore, I don’t know why I said “we.” We have laborers that work here for six bucks a DAY. That’s not “slave labor,” that’s the prevailing wage in our region.)

If I want to pee outside, I can pee outside. Man, you can pee from a public street or sidewalk if you want to. (First of all, I pee outside from our garage terrace. We don’t have any close neighbors. The only creatures that see me take a pee are a couple of cows in the nearby rice field. They haven’t reported me…yet.)

Wow, “Kano,” you want to stay in the Philippines for another 10 years because you can hire cheap labor and pee outside? C’mon, give me a little credit, will you? Staying in the Philippines as a foreigner is fairly hassle free. I’ve got a 13 (a) Permanent Resident Visa. We live comfortably on my monthly stipend from Uncle Sam.

Sure, I still have to do my Annual Report as a Foreigner every year at Iloilo City Immigration. While that took two hours this January, I had the option of picking up some free propaganda from the BI Office like “The Watchtower.”

I declined.

carabao at wonder farms guimaras

Retiring in the Philippines 2019? Why not? You still have time. What’s holding you back? There’s over 7,000 islands in the Philippines. Why not go on the adventure of a lifetime? Take a chance. Life is too short, my friends.

While it’s a shameless plug, I would highly recommend purchasing my best-selling guide, “The Philippines Expat Advisor.” It will get you to the Philippines faster, cheaper and easier.

And that my friend, is no bull.

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