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PH Mobile Phone Subscribers Empowered

Finally, good news for cell phone owners in the Philippines. Mobile phone subscribers may now keep their numbers even after they changed their network providers starting July 2. PH Mobile Phone Subscribers Empowered.” That’s according to the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) per an article from the Philippine News Agency.

PH Mobile Phone Subscribers Empowered

President Rodrigo Duterte signed the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) Act last February. Here’s what the new law provides:

  • Convenient transfer of a mobile postpaid or prepaid subscriber from one service provider to another

  • Change the type of subscription from postpaid to prepaid or vice-versa, without changing the subscriber’s mobile number

Required Qualifications

However, the new law states that subscribers applying for mobile number portability must have the following qualifications:

– No outstanding financial obligation with the donor provider

– Mobile number used in a device is not locked to any mobile service provider

– 60 calendar days must have lapsed from the date of activation of the ported number

– No pending request for transfer of assignment of the mobile number

– No order from a court of law stopping the mobile number porting

– Not blacklisted by a service provider due to previous fraudulent activities

Furthermore, both postpaid and prepaid subscribers within the same mobile network may take advantage of this mobile number portability.

The telecommunication companies have 24 hours upon submission and acceptance of application to do the requested changes.

Will be there a charge for this mobile number portability? Nope.

Furthermore, any mobile service providers for domestic calls and SMS made by a subscriber shall not impose any interconnection fees or charges.

PH Mobile Phone Subscribers Empowered

Meanwhile, both PLDT Inc. and Globe Telecom promise to comply with the rules on mobile number portability.

Personally, I think the new law will benefit businesses who want to change carriers. Consequently, I believe the impact on individuals won’t be as great.

From my personal experience among our many relatives here, SIM card and number changes are quite common. Our twin nieces in Guimaras have had at least three or four number changes in the last year alone. They have multiple prepaid accounts with both Globe and Smart, PLDT.

In 2017 there were 118 or 120 million live SIM cards in the Philippines. There are more live SIM cards in the Philippines than there are Filipinos.

Me? I don’t even own a phone.

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