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Guimaras Records 143 percent Increase in Dengue Cases

I was troubled. Why? Due to the fact that Guimaras has recorded a 143 percent increase in dengue cases. Last year our home province only had seven reported dengue cases at this time. This year, the Philippine News Agency, PNA, reports 17 cases recorded for the same period. That’s the highest increase of any province in Western Visayas.

My own spouse suffered a severe dengue fever attack a few years ago. Thankfully, my asawa recovered. In contrast, dengue fever has already claimed 19 lives in Western Visayas as of June 2 this year. Dengue fever is a debilitating viral disease  transmitted by mosquitoes. It causes sudden fever and acute pains in the joints.

597 Percent Increase in Dengue Cases

A total of 2,698 cases of this mosquito-borne disease have also been recorded as of June 2, 2019 in Western Visayas. The 2019 dengue cases from Jan. 1 to June 1 were 597 percent higher than the cases recorded in the same period last year (352 cases with one death.) Those figures come from a report in the Panay News.

Of the recorded cases, the highest came from Negros Occidental with 1,284 cases and 10 deaths.

Aklan has recorded 371 cases; Antique, 201; Iloilo province, 295; Iloilo City, 90; Bacolod City; 256 and others, 37. The others are transients who contacted the disease and were admitted during their visit to Western Visayas.

Meantime, Aklan, Iloilo and others recorded one death each; Antique has two and Bacolod City has four.

The Daily Guardian reports that in terms of the deaths, 31 children aged one to 10 years old died of the infection, followed by teenagers 11 to 20 years old (6 deaths), adults 31 to 40 (6), and three deaths in the 21 to 30 and 41 to 50 age groups.

Mostly affected by the disease are children one to 10 years old.

In 2017, the Department of Health, DOH recorded 2,150 cases with 22 deaths.

Practice 4S Program to Prevent the Spread of Dengue Fever

The Department of Health, DOH, is urging the public to observe and practice the 4S program to slow down the increase of dengue cases in the region.

The 4S strategy:

  1. Search and destroy mosquito breeding places,

  2. Secure self-protection,

  3. Seek early consultation and

  4. Support fogging/ spraying only in hotspot areas where increase in cases is registered for two consecutive weeks to prevent impending outbreak.

With the rainy season almost upon us, it’s a good idea to implement the 4S program in your own household and barangay. My own asawa noted a rain barrel this morning outside of our dirty kitchen. The barrel contained a large amount of mosquito eggs. She promptly covered the barrel.

We’ll be on our own due diligence to search and destroy more mosquito breeding places on our property. We certainly don’t want anyone in our household to contract dengue fever again.

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