“Arrogant” Arab Nabbed by Immigration Agents in Guimaras

Breaking News: “Arrogant” Arab Nabbed by Immigration Agents in Guimaras. A Press Release issued hours ago by the Bureau of Immigration’s Facebook page revealed the following breaking news on our island province of Guimaras.

“Arrogant” Arab Nabbed by Immigration Agents in Guimaras

Bureau of Immigration (BI) intelligence agents have reported the arrest of an overstaying Kuwaiti national. 59-year-old Ahmad Issac Alameri has been the subject of complaints from residents in his area for alleged arrogance and intimidation.

BI chief intelligence officer Fortunato Manahan reports the Arab was apprehended in Guimaras Island last June 6. Members of the bureau’s regional intelligence operations unit (RIOU) VI conducted the operation.

Manahan said Alameri is also an undocumented alien holding an expired Kuwaiti passport. Alameria has overstayed in the country since July 2017

Alameri claims that he could not return to his country because he is “wanted by the royal family and Kuwait’s intelligence agencies.

“He claimed that he has no means to renew his passport and extend his stay,” Manahan said.

BI Commissioner Jaime Morente, upon learning of the Arab’s arrest, immediately ordered the conduct of deportation proceedings against the alien.

“He (Alameri) is a public charge and an undesirable alien who does not deserve the privilege to stay in our country,” the BI chief said.

“He should be expelled and returned to where he came from.”

(A public charge refers to an alien who is likely to become primarily dependent on the government for subsistence due to his lack of capacity to support his stay in the country, thus making him an added burden to society. The Bureau of Immigration is cracking down on such foreigners.)

Morente again advised the public not to hesitate in reporting to the BI the presence of suspected illegal aliens in their locality.

He disclosed that the information about Alameri’s whereabouts were sent to his office through the BI’s social media page.

A formal complaint against Alameri has likewise been lodged with his office.

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“We really act on all information we receive,” said Morente. “Even through FACEBOOK, as long as the information is complete and verifiable,” he added.

He promised to “swiftly act on reports about illegal aliens.” He likewise urged the public to file complaints against foreigners who engage in unlawful acts.

Author: The Kano

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