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US Pedophile Nabbed While Applying for Tourist Stay Extension

While I’ve read some online stories about dim-witted foreigners in the Philippines, this one gave me the bacon with the sizzle. “US Pedophile Nabbed While Applying for Tourist Stay Extension.” Nope, I’m not making this up. While checking for the latest PRESS RELEASE from the Philippine Bureau of Immigration, BI, I ran across this gem.

Connecticut authorities have issued an arrest warrant for 33-year-old Jason Eric Keller. He goes by the alias “Eddie Buttered Toast.” Keller faces charges of enticing a child to engage in sexual activity and receiving child pornographic materials. A US district court in Connecticut issued the warrant last December 2018.

“Eddie Buttered Toast” Burned in Davao BI

“Buttered Toast” popped into the Davao Bureau of Immigration (BI) officials in Davao this past Thursday, June 6, 2019. He was there to obtain an extension on his tourist visa.

Davao Bureau of Immigration (BI) officials promptly arrested Keller. BI Commissioner Jaime Morente released the following information:

He seemed unaware that we already have information about his crimes, and that he is already in our watchlist of wanted foreign fugitives.

He added that the American “will be deported immediately as his presence here poses a serious threat to our children. Afterwards, he will be blacklisted and banned from re-entering the Philippines.”

Morente revealed that in April this year the US government sought the BI’s help in locating and arresting Keller. This led to his inclusion in the BI watchlist and filing of deportation charges against him for being an undocumented and undesirable alien.

US Pedophile Nabbed While Applying for Tourist Stay Extension

BI Intelligence Chief Fortunato Manahan Jr. disclosed that Keller last arrived in the Philippines in February 2017.

He is already an undocumented alien at the time of his arrest due to the cancellation of his passport by the State Department, Manahan said.

Keller’s temporary new home is at the holding facility of the BI-Davao while he awaits deportation.

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