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It was one of the largest mass cancellations of working visas for fraud, involving 528 foreign nationals. A Press Release from the Philippine Bureau of Immigration, BI, announced six companies, targeted in their investigation, submitted fake Alien Employment Permits (AEP.)

The AEP is a permit issued by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE.) Hence, it is a prerequisite in applying for a work visa with the BI.

Intensified Monitoring of Aliens in the Philippines Stepped Up

BI Commissioner Jaime Morente refused to name the companies saying investigations are still underway. The Commissioner, however, did disclose that the companies were from Manila, Paranaque, and Caloocan. The companies were involved in consultancy, residential sales, tutorial, and information technology.

“These are just six companies, we expect to uncover more in the next few months,” said Morente. He likewise encouraged citizens to report illegal aliens to the Bureau.

“We need everybody’s help. Filipinos as well as legally staying aliens must report illegal foreigners in their area, and you can be assured that we will act on your reports,” he added.


philippine bureau of immigration

Morente stated that the 528 were in “clear violation of Section 37 of the Philippine Immigration Act for obvious misrepresentation and fraud.”

Philippine Immigration Bureau Expels 528 Foreigners

The aliens’ visas were reportedly revoked immediately. Subsequently, Morente said that last Friday he has instructed the Alien Registration Division to cancel their ACR I-Cards.

A total of 528 foreign nationals petitioned by these 6 companies were subjected to immediate cancellation of their visas.

Those with cancelled visas were comprised of 259 Indians, 230 Chinese, 14 Koreans, 11 Japanese, 5 Taiwanese, 3 Vietnamese, and a German, Burmese, Nigerian, Nepalese, Sudanese, and a Yemeni.

The 528 foreigners, said Morente, will be expelled from the country and will be blacklisted.

“The BI, through the Intelligence Division, is revitalizing its campaign of eradicating illegal foreign workers in the country,” said Morente. “It will be a campaign that will be felt nationwide, and you can expect more arrests and cancellations in the next few months,” he shared.

“Our Intel has been working nonstop to catch foreigners who make a mockery of our laws and procedures,” he added.

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