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Regular readers of “PhilippinesPlus” know that I’ve been critical of Guimelco, our local electric cooperative in Guimaras over the years. Guimelco is a distribution utility with rural electrification as its main thrust. It’s currently marking 40 years of operation this year, 2019. The past ten years we’ve lived in the Philippines has been frustrating at times because of the proliferation of brownouts, power outages. However, I was shocked when we experienced a record low three power outages last month. Therefore, I humbly present this post: “Record Low Guimaras Guimelco Brownouts.”

Record Low Guimaras Guimelco Brownouts

First of all, in our area of Guimaras, I was electrified to record only three power outages last month which all occurred on one day, May 27, 2019. What further charged my batteries was the fact that the three brownouts only lasted a total of 38 minutes!

In contrast, in May 2017 we experienced 21 outages totaling 28 hours and 40 minutes. May 2018 saw 19 brownouts totaling 12 hours and 13 minutes.

In April 2019, I recorded 10 Guimelco outages totaling 14 hours and 25 minutes. In fairness to Guimelco, one of those brownouts lasted for almost 12 hours. However, that long outage was announced ahead of time and was for scheduled maintenance.

Guimelco has been attempting to refurbish and replace power lines that were first installed back in 1979.

Images from Guimelco Facebook Page

No More Gecko Outages?

Hopefully, the days of blaming geckos for brownouts in Guimaras are over. However, geckos and lolo’s (rats) do occasionally get into transformers and cause power outages. I’m hopeful that May is a new trend in better customer service for Guimelco. Please note that the three brownouts I recorded were only for our area. Other locations in Guimaras may have experienced more outages.

That said, well done, Guimelco. I hope to see more months like this past May. A BIG THANKS from The Crusty Old Expat.

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