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Stark Raving Mad Lunatics Move to the Philippines

Seems like the past ten years have gone by swiftly. I moved to a “paradise” called the Philippines almost a decade ago. My loving Filipina wife, who has patiently stuck with me for over 19 years, made a great sacrifice and moved with me. She had a comfortable life in the States. There were a few co-workers and friends who must have questioned my sanity. Therefore, I present today’s post, “Stark Raving Mad Lunatics Move to the Philippines.”

Last Man Standing

My Mother had already succumbed to cancer before we moved to the Philippines. My Father passed away this past March 2019 at the age of 86. I found out about his death through my late brother Rick’s wife. I’m the last man standing. All my immediate family back in the States have passed away.

Brock Lesnar and The Crusty Old Expat

Brock Lesnar, “The Beast,” from his Facebook page

While my Father’s loss saddened me, I realized that when I left the United States, I would be cutting off a lot of ties. I haven’t communicated with any friends or coworkers in the USA for years. While superstar WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar has said he doesn’t like people in general, I don’t dislike people, I’m just anti-social at times.

Lucky and Heath

My asawa and I still go out occasionally. We went to the recent Manggahan Festival three times. We sporadically visit Olivia’s Kitchen in Guimaras on Friday nights. Consequently, one of my few friends on the island, Paul, informed me that I missed a visit from one of my readers from Alabama, “Lucky.” “Lucky” was at Olivia’s.

Another reader of “PhilippinesPlus” from Oregon, Heath, was also in nearby Iloilo City, but I wasn’t able to meet him before he returned to the States. Greetings, Lucky and Heath, thanks for following this website. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet you two obviously intelligent gentlemen.

Stark Raving Mad Lunatics Move to the Philippines

Part of the gang from the “Old Shirven”

My loving spouse and I do plan to visit the best pizza joint in Guimaras, Tansyong, this Friday. We’ll probably stop at Olivia’s later to see what expats showed up. Do “Stark Raving Mad Lunatics Move to the Philippines?”

Nope, I just like to think of us as visionary adventure seekers looking for a comfortable lifestyle. It’s less stressful in the Philippines, at least in the province. Plus, our US dollar still does stretch farther. So if you’re considering retirement in the near future, why not join the rest of us “lunatics?”

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