Amazing Low Cost 4-Hour Bamboo House

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“Amazing Low Cost 4-Hour Bamboo House.” Another reason to move to the Philippines. A bamboo abode which can be manufactured in a week. Constructed in four hours. Furthermore, it only costs US $77 per square meter. (One square meter equals 10.7639 square ft.) Hence, a 1,400 sq. ft. home, 130 sq. meters, could cost approximately 10,000 US dollars, 500,000 Philippine pesos.

Amazing Low Cost 4-Hour Bamboo House

I spied an article in the South China Morning Post regarding this bamboo habitat. Earl Forlales, 23, a graduate in material science engineering, came up with the design. Forlales’ idea came from the bamboo hut his grandparents lived in outside Manila.

Forlales was awarded first prize by Britain’s Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) for his use of low-cost, sustainable material, and the speed at which his house – known as Cubo – could be constructed. It’s an affordable, easy-to-build modular housing solution.

The judges praised its use of bamboo – which releases 35 per cent more oxygen into the environment than trees. The ability of the houses to be constructed in any bamboo-producing area was one of the key attractions. The bamboo will be treated and laminated, meaning its lifecycle is 10 times longer than normal.

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CUBO is a system of modular bamboo homes by earl patrick forlales - Amazing Low Cost 4-Hour Bamboo House

From a design perspective, tilted roofs capture rainwater and reduce heat gain, while elevated stilts prevent floodwaters from entering the home.

The Philippines has an abundance of bamboo. Consequently, it was used in the construction of the nipa hut we built for my father-in-law. This four-hour bamboo home is a great, low cost housing alternative for expats and locals alike.

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lolos nipa hut in guimara the philippines

Lolo’s nipa hut while under construction

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