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Remarkable Rain Ricochets across Guimaras

As of Wednesday, May 15, 2019 we’ve had some welcome sporadic rain showers across our island province. With only one day of rain in April and our two wells running low, we were extremely happy to see these brief showers. Consequently I’m slapping this post with the title: “Remarkable Rain Ricochets across Guimaras.”

It’s been hotter than a fur coat in Manila. High temperatures have been hitting 35°C, 95°F, with a “real feel” temperature of 42°C, almost 108°F.

Remarkable Rain Ricochets across Guimaras

The rain today, halfway through the month, is the only day of rain we’ve experienced thus far in May. Hence, the lack of rain has been adding to our discomfort levels. The air con has been running all this month.

Thus far, today’s rain hasn’t filled our rain barrels yet. Cloudy skies have ruled throughout the day. We’re hoping (and praying) for some substantial rainfall and the start of the rainy season.

El Niño has been delivering some low blows this year. However, thanks to my hardworking asawa’s water conservation efforts, we’ve only needed one truckload of water thus far.

At 3,000 pesos for each truckload, $60 US dollars, let’s hope it’s the last truckload.

How long will El Niño 2019 Last?

According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the odds for El Niño drop below 50% for June, July, and August. However, WMO reports that long-lead outlooks are particularly uncertain beyond the second quarter and should be considered with caution.

However, through the first three quarters of 2019, the development of La Niña is highly unlikely. La Niña is the exact opposite of El Niño and brings more rain.

Thunder rolls in the clouds above and dark skies threaten more rain as I wrap this post up. (When I was a kid we were told angels bowling in the heavens caused the thunder. I bought it.)

Let’s hope the rains will begin again and bring us relief from these extremely dry conditions in Guimaras and throughout the Philippines.

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