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Regular readers of PhilippinesPlus may have noticed I’ve been punching out a few more posts lately. Furthermore, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I’ve got more spare time. Spare time? I’ve been retired for ten years now. However, we haven’t had a household assistant for three months. Finally, we do. Our new domestic helper lives next door.

Phasing out the Crusty Old Expat’s Chores

No longer do I sweep the floors every morning. Nor do I wash the dishes.

Sexy pool boy duties? Not for over a month now. We’re not filling up our swimming pool from our two wells due to the ongoing water shortage. Therefore, I’m not cleaning the pool every day.

I refuse to pay 3,000 pesos, 60 US dollars, for a truckload of water just to fill our swimming hole. We did, however, have a truckload of water delivered to our home last weekend. The first delivery of the season. Our two wells are almost dry.

While I do boil water in our dirty kitchen for our two thermos bottles every morning, that’s about the extent of my chores now.

The New Helper

I had been helping my poor overworked asawa but now with our new domestic helper, or kasambahay, I have more time to work on this website.

Our new household assistant is a widower with five children. All of the kids still live at home. Their own uncle in a drunken stupor killed their father several years ago.

We hadn’t planned on employing any more domestic helpers. My wife was tired of the aides only working for a few months or so and then quitting. We pay 4,000 pesos a month, 80 US dollars, which is the new minimum amount required by our region. The new wages for kasambahay go in effect on May 8th.

My spouse had been visiting our neighbor the other day. We’re godparents of their youngest child. “Jackie” asked my wife if she knew of anyone that was looking for a helper. My wife informed her that she was not looking for help any more due to the problems we’ve had with previous workers.

Let’s Give Her a Chance

However, when my asawa came home and informed me that our neighbor was looking for work, I said we should give her a chance and hire her.

First of all, she’s a widower with five children. The Bible says we should help widowers. Secondly, she lives next door to us (about 600 meters away) and wouldn’t have to be a live-in helper like the ones we have had in the past.

“Jackie” has started working for us this week. She has children old enough to look after the younger ones. In addition, our new household helper is nearby.

We’ll see how things work out. My wife certainly needs the extra help. Her Father, afflicted with Alzheimer’s, lives in the nipa hut behind us. Our 21-year-old niece still lives with us and helps out when she’s not tutoring at her auntie’s preschool.

Plus, we have eight canines that we take care of.

And of course, there’s my spouse’s biggest headache, her Crusty Old Expat of a husband.

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