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I moved to the Philippines almost 10 years with my lovely Filipina wife. After retiring from 30 years of service with communications giant AT&T, I wanted a break. Life in the States was becoming more stressful. My job was boring and stressful.

Filipinos 2nd Most Stressed People on Planet

Though my retirement did reduce my stress levels, I believed moving to the Philippines would lower my stress levels even more. However, a recent survey from Gallup revealed that Filipinos are the 2nd most stressed people on the planet. Only folks in Greece feel more stressed than Filipinos with 59% of its population feeling the adverse emotion. Greeks were the most stressed population for the third consecutive year.

According to a report in Yahoo Philippines, 58% of Filipinos in 2018 experienced stress the day before Gallup’s annual Global Emotions survey. This was well above the global average of 35%.

Tanzania (57%), Albania, Iran, Sri Lanka, and the United States of America (55%) also ranked high on the list of world’s most stressed populations.

More than one in three people said they experienced a lot of stress (35%) in the survey of more than 151,000 adults in over 148 countries in 2018.

Philippines 3rd Happiest Country in 2018

What happened? This stressed report had more twists than a pretzel factory. Just last year, 2018, Gallup reported that the Philippines was the 3rd Happiest Country in the World. (Fiji was the happiest country in the world, getting a score of +92, followed by Colombia with +87.)

CNN Philippines ran a survey in 2017 asking Filipinos what caused them the most stress. 23 percent cited their job or studies as their main source of stress. Back in 2013 about 59 percent of Filipino workers were experiencing more stress-related illnesses. That was according to a report in The Manila Times.

Meanwhile, almost 15 percent said being stuck in traffic dealt them a great amount of stress.

“The horrific traffic, the floods, the never ending all year round road repairs,” pointed out one reader in the CNN poll.

Another person ranted about disobedient motorists or “people who do not follow rules.”  Amen to that! The majority of motorists, including tricycle and jeepney drivers in Guimaras, the island province we call home, don’t follow the rules of the road. They make their own rules.

taxi in Iloilo City

Personally, dealing with the wonkers in Guimaras who don’t know how to drive is my biggest source of stress in “paradise.” Consequently, I let my wife do all the driving.

However, the survey results, “Filipinos 2nd Most Stressed People on Planet,” did surprise me. Perhaps Filipinos are the happiest stressed out people in the world.

My Filipina wife is usually pretty happy. That said, being married to a Crusty Old Expat for over 19 years can be stressful at times. Hence, I’ve learned to rile the wagon master as little as possible.

Happy Wife. Happy Life.

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