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My Globe internet service in Guimaras was down for four days last week, Holy Week. After speaking to a multitude of Globe service representatives, I was informed a “data realignment” was going on. While I did have access to the World Wide Web on Good Friday and Black Saturday, I lost internet service on Easter Sunday.

Globe agents informed me there was an ongoing maintenance issue. However, no one had any idea when the matter would be resolved.

After not having any internet service this past Monday, the 22nd, I finally decided to call my tech guy, Panoy. Should have called him sooner but had hoped that Globe would resolve their maintenance issues.

The Real Problem

Panoy came over the same day I called him, Tuesday. After putting a few of our canines on a leash, I instructed Panoy to come in through our front gate. I didn’t want any of our eight dogs mauling the computer whiz.

It didn’t take Panoy long to pinpoint the problem. After calling a partner on our island province, he discovered the LTE, 4G, service wasn’t working from the tower my signal comes from.

After giving several Globe employees over the past week the actual tower address (provided to me before by Panoy) no one from Globe had relayed this critical information to me. It took Panoy less than two minutes and he doesn’t work for Globe nor does his partner.

My computer wizard quickly realigned my service to work with the 3G internet which was available from the tower. Once the LTE 4G becomes available, my system will automatically switch back to the 4G.

A simple fix to correct my problem. Simple, if you have a computer tech like Panoy. Internet service is now going full steam for two days in a row, Wednesday and today, Thursday!

A BIG THANKS to Panoy.

Globe? Why couldn’t someone there tell me what the actual problem was? It could have saved me a lot of grief and frustration.

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