Vampire Dogs Roam Two Guimaras Barangays

Iloilo City Man Survives Aswang Attack

When my wife came home after visiting a neighbor, I was intrigued. The latest local newsflash involved a couple of “vampire dogs” in our area. “Vampire Dogs Roam Two Guimaras Barangays,” however, may be one of the strangest posts I’ve ever written for this website. And I’ve written quite a few odd dispatches over the years.

I don’t find our neighbor, “Jackie,” a widower, particularly prone to telling tall tales. “Jackie” told my asawa of a problem her uncle had with one of his dogs, a big black canine. The uncle said the dog suddenly went “loco,” crazy.

To keep the crazed mutt from harming any of his chickens, the uncle tied the dog up. However, one steaming, hot, muggy night, the uncle was soon awoken by a terrifying noise coming from his chickens.

His dog had gotten loose from his leash and had killed one of the chickens! “Uncle” held the chicken up by one leg and noticed that not one single drop of blood was dripping from the slain bird.

The chicken was completely ghostly white with all the blood drained from it.

“That doesn’t sound like a dog!” I exclaimed to my wife, “That sounds like an aswang.”

My wife agreed.

Aswangs, as any Filipino worth their balut knows, are malicious shape-shifting flying creatures that can morph into a bat, bird (usually a crow), black cat, or most often, a big black dog, according to Wikipedia.

I’ve written about my asawa’s past encounters with aswangs. Her family fought off an aswang trying to steal the youngest child of the clan decades ago.

Vampire Dogs Roam Two Guimaras Barangays

The attacks have occurred in two neighboring barangays in Talangban, Guimaras, in our general vicinity. Another “vampire dog” has been reported which is attacking puppies and draining their blood.

If you’re in that area and have any chickens or puppies, it might be best to keep a watchful eye on them. “Vampire dog” or aswang? I’ve learned to keep an open mind. I’ve been in the Philippines for almost ten years. I don’t discount anything I’ve heard.

Unless it comes from the mouth of a foreigner who’s had too many bottles of Red Horse.

Red Horse-fueled fights

Author: The Kano

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