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24-Hour Spellbinding Spa Natura Bacolod City

Rather than endure another all-day scheduled brown out in Guimaras, my asawa and I headed for the “City of Smiles,” Bacolod. We didn’t have any traveling partners this trip. While we had, a great time at Mambukal Falls last November with friends, this trip was an impromptu event. “24-Hour Spellbinding Spa Natura Bacolod City” was only planned a night in advance.

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Globe’s Holy Week Data Alignment Disaster

Globes happiness guarantee

It’s a mystery to me. Seems like every time we go somewhere and return, my Globe internet doesn’t work. We recently spent a couple of days in Bacolod City. Consequently, I didn’t log onto my computer during that time. Now, thanks to “Globe’s Holy Week Data Alignment Disaster,” I still didn’t have access to the World Wide Web more than a day after reporting I had trouble.

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Philippines: Loads of Laws & Insufficient Enforcement

j cash fan

Al S. Vitangcol 3rd over at the Manila Times wrote an interesting editorial a few weeks ago. Above all, Mr. Vitangcol was astonishingly correct on a topic I’ve ranted about for years. His editorial, “Too many laws, too little enforcement,” is a must-read for anyone living in the Philippines. While you might be a Filipino or … Read more

Our 1,170 Dollar March Five-Person Philippines Budget

Ten dollar bill

Our nephew Sherwin has flown the coop. The 19-year-old moved to a boarding house in Guimaras in late March. Guimaras, of course, is the island province in Western Visayas we call home. One less mouth to feed in the future. Here’s a look at “Our 1, 170 Dollar March Five-Person Philippines Budget.” March’s budget came in 15 dollars higher than February’s budget.

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Our Filipino Nephew Passed on Old-School Circumcision

Our nephew, Jorealle, is going to be 13 years old next month. Because the young lad tends to attract the ladies, he was dubbed the “Heart Throb” when he entered high school last June.  Well, much to his chagrin, the young chap had something else throbbing last week.  While our Filipino nephew passed on old-school circumcision, he did undergo the knife. At least his pee-pee did.

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