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Our 1,155 Dollar February 2019 Five-Person Philippines Budget

While “Our 1,155 Dollar February 2019 Five-Person Philippines Budget” was slightly higher than January’s expenses, we did manage to cut down on some expenses in February.

Our Helper Has Left the Building

First of all, we cut 3,500 pesos, 70 US Dollars, from our budget because our domestic helper took a job in Capiz with a previous employer. We gave our former employee 500 pesos for travel expenses.

The old bosses, a lawyer and doctor, pay 6,000 pesos a month, $120. I’m not paying that much. Our salary of 4,000 pesos, 80 USD, is more than the 3,500 recommended monthly wages set by the Department of Labor for our region.

She gave us two-day’s notice thus we didn’t feel compelled to pay her any severance pay. Because we had given her a 2,000 Christmas bonus, we decided the 500 pesos send-off was fair.

Therefore, we now will save 4,000 pesos each month. My wife does not want to hire any more future household help. Our nephew who lives with us will be on school vacation in early April. He will not have to back to college until August this year due to changes in the DepEd curriculum. Normally he would have to return to school in early June.

Our niece and nephew, along with my asawa, have increased their workload to make up the difference. Furthermore, the Crusty Old Expat has stepped up and taken on a few additional chores.

While my “sexy pool boy” duties take about 60 minutes a day on average, I now do the morning dishes and clean our CR, Comfort Room.

Cleaning the toilet doesn’t faze me; I do poop in it.

I also boil the water for our two thermos bottles using the firewood we find on our property each morning in our “dirty kitchen.”

I do that before I clean the CR (which I only scrub down once a week.)

Our 1,155 Dollar February 2019 Five-Person Philippines Budget

Here’s a breakdown of our major expenses:

SM Supermarket: 10,791 pesos, 216 US dollars

(Includes groceries and household supplies)

S&R: 6,419 pesos, 128 US dollars

Rustan’s Marketplace: 1,614 pesos, 32 US dollars

Southern Trading: 1,768 pesos, 35 US dollars

Food for our eight Dogs: 4,439 pesos, 89 US dollars

(Extra dog food expenses this month. Two bags of dog food, 20 kilos each, @1,090 pesos each)

Guimelco (Electricity): 4,367 pesos, 87 US dollars

Vegetables & Fruit: 3,302 pesos, 66 US dollars

Fish: 2,750 pesos, 55 US dollars

Meat: 1,350 pesos, 27 US dollars

(This figure only includes meat purchased from our local markets in Guimaras. We purchase the bulk of our meat from SM Supermarket and S&R)

Red Rice 50 kilos: 2,000 pesos, 40 US dollars

Medications: 1,570 pesos, 31 US dollars

Diesel Fuel Ford Ranger: 920 pesos, 18 US dollars

Expenses for other house: 2,000 pesos, 40 US dollars

(Food & supplies for my wife’s Mother, Nieces, Nephew)

Globe Internet & Phone: 1,000 pesos, 20 US dollars

Cignal Satellite: 500 pesos, 10 US dollars

Clothing: 2,304 pesos, 46 US dollars

Ace Hardware: 1,747 pesos, 35 US dollars

Parking at Jordan Wharf, Tips, Porters: 1,050 pesos, 21 US dollars

Manicures/Pedicures: 625 pesos, 12.50 US dollars

(That figure includes three manicures and three pedicures for the month, including the tips)

Total: 50,516 Philippine Pesos

1,010 US Dollars

Misc. Expenses

beguiling boracay

Other misc. expenses such as pan de sal, 620 pesos, Handyman Hardware, 699 pesos, and my Annual Report at Immigration, 310 pesos, made up the rest of our budget expenditures for February.

Rent or House Payments? None. All paid. Cash up front.

Truck payments? None. All paid. Cash up front.

Credit card or Installment billing accounts? None.

And that’s “Our 1,155 Dollar February 2019 Five-Person Philippines Budget.”


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