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Striking San Lorenzo Guimaras Windmills

First of all, I must point out that the 27 windmills in Guimaras don’t produce any power for our island province. An official from Guimelco informed me that at the time the windmills went online, the cost of the wind power was too expensive.

The power produced from the windmills goes to nearby Panay Island. Other power companies outside of Guimaras also benefit from the wind power.

Rip-Snortin’ Good Time at Lou and Lorna’s

As a result, we endure occasional power outages from Guimelco. Despite that, we still enjoyed a ride home in our Ford Ranger XLT one Saturday as we traveled through San Lorenzo.

My lovely asawa and I had enjoyed a pleasant lunch and visit with some friends on our island province. Another dear friend, Emily, accompanied us on the trip.

Our hosts, Lou and Lorna, provided us with a delicious lunch. Other guests, Lee and Joy brought along a scrumptious homemade apple pie that Lee had produced.

We hadn’t gotten together with our comrades since a trip to Bacolod last November.

We were advised by Lou to take the scenic route on our way  back home through San Lorenzo to view the windmills. We were glad we did.

My wife drove us home with Emily riding “shotgun.”

Striking San Lorenzo Guimaras Windmills

The sun was beginning to set as I snapped the following pictures with my Sony Cybershot camera:







While we don’t get any wind power from the windmills, they still are quite amazing to see up close. During our visit, we didn’t see any tourists along the way.  However, the windmills are gaining popularity as a tourist spot in Guimaras.

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