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I haven’t posted any monthly budget figures for years on this website. Consequently, I thought such a post is long overdue. One of the most frequently asked questions about life in the PH is how much does it cost to live there? Therefore, without further ado, I present the following post: “American Expat PH Monthly Budget Family of Six plus Eight Dogs.”

I broke out an EXCEL spreadsheet at the first of this month, and decided to keep a detailed log of our living expenses in the Philippines. After fumbling through some multiple Google searches, I figured out how to add the expense figures in each column automatically using the EXCEL program.

I’m not an accountant and hated mathematics in high school. Despite that, I can do basic math and was able to compose this article featuring some of our monthly budget expenses.

Let’s look at the results:

S&R Shopping: 16,135 pesos (323 US dollars)

SM Supermarket: 2,747 pesos (55 US dollars)

Local Grocery shopping: 1,633 pesos (33 US dollars)

Fish: 3,145 pesos (63 US dollars)

Meat: 1,110 pesos (22 US dollars)

Vegetables & Fruits: 2,380 pesos (48 US dollars)

Guimelco (Electricity): 4,367 pesos (87 US dollars)

Domestic Helper’s Salary: 4,400 pesos (88 US dollars)

Swimming Pool Supplies: 4,200 pesos (84 US dollars)

Puppy Expenses: 2,585 (52 US dollars)

ACE Hardware: 2,051 (51 US dollars)

Diesel Fuel for our Ford Ranger: 1,172 pesos (23 US dollars)

Globe Phone Bill; 1,000 pesos (20 US dollars)

Globe Internet Bill: 1,000 pesos (20 US dollars)

Cignal TV: 490 pesos (10 US dollars)


48,415 pesos (968 US dollars) (50 Php to 1 USD exchange rate)

While the figures above cover all of our major expenses for the month of January 2019, I didn’t list smaller expenses such as manicures and pedicures, 170 pesos, one trip to Olivia’s Kitchen, 850 pesos, or one lunch at SM City for 450 pesos.

Yes, we’re back at S&R and the 16,135 pesos spent there included mainly groceries and household necessities such as laundry detergent, shampoo, etc.

Our pool supplies were high this month due to the fact that we had to purchase a 40-kilo drum of chlorine and some new brushes for our pool. The chlorine should last about four-five months for the 35 ft.x 35 ft. swimming pool in our backyard. The pool pump, run twice daily, adds an extra 1,000 pesos, $20, to our monthly electric bill.

We have no water bill since we have two wells on our property along with a water purification system for our drinking water.

Take note that our house and lot is paid for in full, as is our Ford Ranger. We have no credit card or installment billing debt.

So there you have it. American Expat PH Monthly Budget Family of Six plus Eight Dogs. A snapshot look.

Feature photo provided by Captain Tom at lineofsight.com

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