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After a brief stop with Filipino headhunters and Dracula, we’re back in Bacolod. My lovely asawa and I were traveling with three other foreigners and their wives to Bacolod City. Eight explorers taking a mini-vacation on nearby Negros Occidental. Next stop: Butterfly Garden Break: Mambukal Resort.

The Eight Explorers from Guimaras

Leader Lou and British Birthday Lee had graciously taken their own vehicles on ferries and allowed us to tag along.
Lou and Professor Paul, another British bloke, traveled with Lou and his amazing asawa Lorna. Also traveling with Paul was his better half, Janeth.

I ordained Paul with the moniker “Professor” because of his vast history knowledge and his penchant for always reading books.

Lou and Paul are smokers, thus it made sense for them to travel together.
Lee was chaperoned by his lovely wife, Joy. In contrast, while Lee and I weren’t smokers, we do occasionally enjoy a meal or two (or three.)

Frankly, if you combined Paul and Lou’s weight, you still might not equal the total mass of either Lee or I.

Entrance to the Negros Butterfly Garden at Mambukal Resort

Now you might be thinking that an expedition to a butterfly garden would be drier than a popcorn fart.
However, in contrast, the Negros Butterfly Garden excursion was delightful compared to the butterfly garden we visited in Bohol a couple of years before.

My asawa with Joy, Lorna and Lou

My wife absolutely loves butterflies. They frequent her garden back at our home in Guimaras. As a result, she was delighted by the many different colorful butterflies that we don’t see back home. Here’s a look at some of them:



The staff at the Butterfly Garden at Mambukal Resort were extremely helpful. They encouraged us to interact with the butterflies as seen in the following pictorials:

A butterfly kisses Lorna

This butterfly loved resting on Paul’s head


Butterfly Garden Break: Mambukal Resort

We had an interesting and enjoyable break at the Negros Butterfly Garden. The professional, friendly and courteous staff were very welcoming and made the visit extremely worthwhile.

If you travel to Mambukal Resort in the future, make sure to drop in and pay the butterflies a social call. I don’t believe you’ll be disappointed.

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