Mikey Bustos Filipino Mythical Creatures Rap

Mikey Bustos is a Canadian-born Filipino YouTube star. He’s known for his hilarious tutorial and song parodies about being Pinoy.The particular video I’m featuring today is all about legendary beings that roam the Philippines. Some people say that these so-called mythical creatures can even been seen today, especially if you have a “Third Eye.”

The Third Eye

The “Third Eye” is a portal to inner worlds. My Filipina wife has spoken of this supernatural vision on several occasions. With it, you’re able to see such apparitions as mentioned in this video, Filipino Mythical Creatures Rap.”

However, while the video itself is extremely funny, take note, that many Filipinos believe and have even seen the creatures depicted by Bustos.

Duwendes. Kapres. Tikbalangs. The White Lady. Mermaids. Aswangs. My spouse has told me tales of several of these mystical entities.

So enjoy the video. And, if you have a Third Eye, may you always keep it open!