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Annoying Philippine love teams get on the Crusty Old Expat’s nerves. Admittedly, a lot of things irritate me. Nevertheless, instead of complaining to my asawa every time I see KathNiel, JaDine, or LizQuen pop up on the boob tube, I’ve decided to rant about it on my blog.

The Rant

If you have your own blog, you’re free to rant, also. I’ve been ranting online for over nine years now. With over 1,500 posts published, I’m aiming to ramble on for a few more years, God willing.

A trained monkey can start and operate a blog. Just ask me. I should know.

Why the Crusty Old Expat is Annoyed

I suppose what annoys me the most about these so-called Filipino “love teams” is that I believe they’re inherently fake.

For you other old geezers out there, remember, the Doris Day/Rock Hudson “love team” decades ago?

Yep, ol’ Rock was gay and unfortunately ended up dying from AIDS in 1985.

Now do you really believe Doris and Rock were a couple?

Photo credit: Classic Films Reloaded

Well, that’s what their agents and a willing Hollywood Press Corps wanted us to believe. Of course, the so-called “team up” was merely a stunt to promote their “romantic comedies” like “Pillow Talk.”

That’s why I laughed my fat butt off when I saw that “KathNiel” suddenly profess their undying love for each other the same time their latest movie, “The How’s of Us” was released. (By the way, who comes up with these horrendously insipid movie titles?)

Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo comprise, of course, the KathNiel alleged“love team.”

Don’t “Love Teams” Diminish the Individual?

I really believe that the “love team” concept diminishes and disrespects the talent of the individual. It doesn’t allow the more-talented actor or actress to shine in their own solo project.

That said, who could forget “Brangelina,” Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? And Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, “Bennifer.” All of those talents were super stars before they were dubbed as “love teams” or “power couples.”

Annoying Philippine Love Teams

Yeah, with rising inflation in the Philippines and rice shortages and typhoons, I shouldn’t be too concerned about annoying Philippine love teams.

Nevertheless, I am a Crusty Old Expat.

Remember what my mentor Red Green says: “… you may have to grow old, but you don’t have to mature.”


I’m living proof of that.

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