MARKETPLACE by Rustan’s Festive Walk Mall Iloilo Opening Oct 5

MARKETPLACE by Rustan’s Festive Walk Mall Iloilo Opening Oct 5

According to a response sent from Rustan’s Facebook page, the MARKETPLACE by Rustan’s Festive Walk Mall Iloilo is opening Oct 5, 2018. I was excited as a hog in mud when I received the news. My lovely asawa and I had been to a Rustan’s Marketplace in Cebu City years ago.  However, I’ve been “patiently” waiting for Rustan’s opening at the Festive Walk Mall for months now. Photo credit: Sunstar.com

Nevertheless, first off, a huge THANK YOU to Rustan’s Marketplace for their quick response to my query. I sent a message to Rustan’s through my wife’s Facebook account. Frankly, I was amazed to see their prompt response. I’ve sent messages and e-mail to other companies in the Philippines before, with many of them never responding at all.


Founded in 1970, according to Rustan’s Supermarket website. Rustan’s Supermarket is a pioneer in modern grocery retailing having introduced many innovations that are still being imitated to this day.

Purchased by Robinsons Retail Holding, Inc. when it acquired the Rustan’s Supermarket chain earlier this year.

From introducing groundbreaking promotions, to sourcing quality products from all over the world, defining to a large extent, the very concept of modern food retailing.

Rustan’s Supermarket also carries exclusive brands such as Casino and Waitrose alongside other well-known international brands.

That’s what I liked about the Rustan’s Supermarket in Cebu City, the wide variety of international brands that I can’t find in Guimaras, our home province, or nearby Iloilo City.

Sure, I can find international brands at S&R in Iloilo, but we never renewed our annual membership there. At Rustan’s, I won’t have to pay to shop and no one will delay us by checking all of the items we just purchased, like at S&R.

The market in Cebu was certainly upscale however the prices are on a par with SM City Supermarket in nearby Iloilo City where we do the bulk of our shopping.

Like a lot of folks, I love shopping at new places, especially new supermarkets. I’ll be sure to report on the MARKETPLACE by Rustan’s Festive Walk Mall Iloilo Opening on Oct 5.