Philippines Plus Returns to Facebook

I left Facebook some time ago. In one of my previous posts, I declared I was exiting the social media giant. However, I’ve reconsidered my position, and have created a new Facebook page on my wife’s account. Philippines Plus returns to Facebook.

I’m not much of a social media guy. Frankly, I’m not much of a social guy, period. That’s why I’ll occasionally use the moniker one of my readers, Scott H, slapped on me, “The Crusty Old Expat.”

Occasionally I would post an article from Philippines Plus on my asawa’s Facebook. However, if there were any remarks on the post, I wouldn’t see them. I rarely access my spouse’s FB. Sometimes I will download some pictures for her, but that’s about my involvement with it.

Philippines Plus Returns to Facebook

That said, I’ll be posting every new post from Philippines Plus on my new Facebook page. If you care to comment about a post, feel free. However, please note, I have a strong filter on the use of bad language. That said, I doubt any of my readers would use offensive language anyway, right?

While I can’t promise I’ll respond to any comments in a timely fashion, I’ll do my best to reply. Keep in mind, nevertheless, that I’ve lived in the Philippines for over nine years now. I’m prone to practicing “Filipino Time” on occasion.

I may post some information on my Facebook page that I won’t share on my website. So it’s possible you’ll find exclusive content here that I won’t use anywhere else.

Here’s the link to my new Facebook page: FACEBOOK

If you’re feeling generous, I wouldn’t mind you throwing in a “LIKE” for the Crusty Old Expat.

So hang in there, Pilgrims. Why not come along for the ride?