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Our Ford Ranger was struck by a truck in Guimaras recently.

Filing a Police Blotter Report

After a trip to our local police station, we obtained a police blotter of the accident in order to explore a legal remedy to resolve this troubling issue.

While we could at least drive our Ford Ranger now, after a trip to our local Petron service station, there were still exterior damages to the Ranger that needed to be repaired. After about 30 minutes, we received the accident statement and drove home. Neither of us had bothered to even read the report until the next day.

Unexpected Stop?

Imagine my utter surprise when the report stated that my wife had made an “unexpected stop!”

“UNEXPECTED STOP?” My spouse had her left turn signal on at least 15-16 feet ahead of time. There was no “unexpected stop!”

And then my asawa informed me that the officer who investigated the accident was directly related to the reckless driver’s wife.

However, she then informed me the policeman was also related to my spouse’s family. Nevertheless, the investigator NEVER even spoke to my better half regarding the accident and merely reported what the driver told him.

We immediately drove to the police station to get the report corrected. The officer-in-question then listened to my wife’s account of the accident and took out the “unexpected stop” portion of his report. He turned the computer monitor towards us so we could view the correction.

We informed the Officer-in-Charge, OIC, at our local police outpost that we would seek an attorney in order to file a complaint against the accident-prone driver.

The OIC instructed us to obtain an estimate for the exterior damages to our Ford Ranger. In fact, his own vehicle was in the same repair shop in nearby Iloilo City. After our damage estimate was completed, the officer would then help us draft a formal complaint which we could bring to our attorney.

The RORO Adventureroro in guimaras

I absolutely detested bringing our truck on the RORO, Roll-On, Roll-Off Ferry to Iloilo City in the past. During previous trips to our Ford dealership, we had occasion to take our Ranger on the ferry.

While waiting for the initial trip from Guimaras was stressful enough, the return trip from Iloilo was always a long wait. One day we had to wait for over four hours and then we barely made the last return trip home. Every trip on the RORO was an occasion for my blood pressure to blast off into the stratosphere.

The day before I had taken multiple pictures of our damaged Ford Ranger on my Samsung Galaxy tablet. I was hoping that the repair shop in Iloilo City would be able to determine the extent of damages without having to bring our truck in.

However, after making our way to the shop the next morning, the facility manager informed me it would be necessary to bring the truck physically over on the RORO. He couldn’t make a damage estimate with only the pictures I took.

So the next day we loaded our Ford Ranger on the RORO and made our way to the repair establishment. Thankfully, an employee of the shop came to the RORO dock and guided us to the repair shop. In previous trips on the ferry we always hired a relative from Guimaras to drive for us in the big city.

However, our relative was no longer available to be our chauffeur during the weekdays since he now had a full-time government job in Guimaras. We made our way to the shop as I navigated our truck through the heavy morning Iloilo City traffic.

The Damage Appraisal  

The affable manager of the repair shop looked at our vehicle. After an estimate from one of his employees, we were invited to the manager’s air-conditioned office.

The damage to the exterior of our Ford truck would come to 15,000 pesos, 300 US Dollars. That was in addition to the 1,500 pesos we had already paid to Petron that enabled us to even drive our vehicle.

Work on the Ranger would take about a week. We left a 12,000 peso deposit, thanked the manager, and went to do some shopping at the new Iloilo City Festive Walk Mall.

We took a pump boat ride back to Guimaras later in the afternoon and took a jeepney and tricycle back home. It had been over three years since we had ridden in a jeepney but I survived the trip without any problem. Nevertheless, I did miss the air-conditioned comfort of our Ford Ranger.

Our Complaint is filed

After receiving the damage estimate for our truck we returned to the Officer-in-Charge, OIC, at our police station. The OIC had a draft complaint ready for us which we took to our attorney. The attorney made a few revisions and our complaint was then filed at our Provincial Attorney’s Office with our Officer-in-Charge present.

The driver that struck our Ford Ranger has been charged with “reckless imprudence” and was served a subpoena. We meet next week with our attorneys to try and reach a settlement.


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