Another Summer Day in a Paradise Called the Philippines

Another Summer Day in a Paradise Called the Philippines

It’s almost 2:00 pm. The temperature is hovering around 33°C, 92° F, with a “feels like” temperature of 39°C, 102°F. The humidity is a “mild” 54%. “Mild” because the average annual humidity in our island province of Guimaras is around 86%. “Another Summer Day in a Paradise Called the Philippines.”

I never liked summer back in Central Illinois and I don’t like summer in the Philippines. Nevertheless, you acclimate, adjust. My lovely Filipina asawa and I retired to the Philippines almost nine years ago. Every year it gets easier to adjust to the heat and humidity. We’re hopeful that the rainy season will start this month. The rain tends to cool things off and makes the heat more tolerable.

hitting the beach in boracay


We had a heavy downpour of rain early this morning. I was outside in our dirty kitchen boiling water for our two thermos bottles at around 4:00 am. It was the third brown out, power outage of the day, courtesy of our local “service” provider, Guimelco.

After the third brownout, I chuckled to myself. Guimelco had taken out a 100 million peso loan earlier this year to refurbish the aging electric power lines across our island province. The work was to be completed by the start of the annual Manggahan Festival. Manggahan begins next week on May 11th.

Mango Mascots for Manggahan


The Philippines has a better chance of landing a man (or woman) on the moon as opposed to Guimelco meeting the Manggahan deadline. “Filipino Time.” You get used to it or you move out.

We finally used the air con a couple of nights ago but haven’t turned it on the last two evenings. There’s a disco dance at our barangay coming up, so the chances of getting a good night’s sleep are slim. I’ll be at home along with our Belgian Shepard “Killer” while my spouse and niece and nephew head over to the dance.

Another Summer Day in a Paradise Called the Philippines

I’m well aware that I’m living like a king in the Philippines despite my grumbling about the heat and Guimelco. As long as I keep a fan blowing on my fat kano head, I’m fine. We have three rechargeable fans now to help us through the power outages.

While we certainly could have purchased a generator years ago, I refuse to do so. Our new home in the Philippines is already wired for one but it’s a matter of principle for me. I feel that Guimelco should provide adequate power for its citizenry especially since 27 wind mills in San Lorenzo, Guimaras, are cranking out power for nearby Panay Island but none for the locals.

windmills guimaras

However, if you plan to move or live in a Third World Country you have to expect some radical lifestyle changes. You adjust or you move back to your home country.

Nevertheless, if you hate snow, cold weather, and love the heat and humidity, then the months of April and May in the Philippines are ideal for you. Why wait? Life’s too short. Live your adventure today!