Philippines Public Pee Warriors

It was a slow day at the “pee tree.” After waiting for about 30 minutes as my lovely Filipina wife did some shopping at Southern Trading in Guimaras, I only counted one public pisser from the confines of our Ford Ranger. This post is a tribute to the “Philippines Public Pee Warriors.”

To Pee or not to Pee

Now for you Westerners in the audience who weren’t raised in the Australian Outback, the fact that I witnessed even one public pee-pee operator in broad daylight might seem unusual to you.

However, public Pinoy pissers are an extremely common event in our rural province located in Western Visayas. In the past, I’ve witnessed at times seven public urine unloaders in the space of 15 minutes at the local “pee tree.”

Frankly, I don’t want to disclose the location of the tree as it might add to its already evident popularity.

While I’ve witnessed public displays of pissing by males back in the States, those incidents were usually committed by drunken men in darkened back alleys at 3 am.


A proud project of Barangay Captain Jun Solinap in Iloilo

Public Peeing in the States

OK, there was that one senior citizen back in our small town in Central Illinois who peed in our back alley in the afternoon, but that was an isolated incident. I related my concern regarding the old geezer, who had just left a local tavern, to a neighbor who knew the man. My neighbor advised the man to avoid peeing in the alley in the future. We had a lot of small kids on our block.

Yes, I did pee alongside a Montana highway about 1:00 am one year but I was not drunk. There’s not that many service stations or rest areas along the road in Montana.  A person could drive for a hundred miles before they would even reach an exit for another town.

Philippines Public Pee Warriors

Nevertheless, peeing in public in the Philippines, at least in Guimaras, our home province, is as common as smoke-belching jeepneys.

No need for public urinal

An Iloilo City public pisser

On the way home from Mass this past Sunday morning, we passed a tricycle that was blocking the road. With my wife driving, I rolled down the passenger window of our Ford Ranger to express my displeasure at the trike driver.

“Why are you blocking the road?” I shouted as my wife drove around his tricycle.

The trike driver was taking a piss and grinned at me as he drained his bladder.

Only in the Philippines.