Guimaras Town is Pilot Area for Market Tourism

Guimaras Town is Pilot Area for Market Tourism

The Alibhon Public Market (“New Site”) in Jordan, Guimaras will serve as the pilot area for market tourism, which is a new product of the Department of Tourism (DOT-6.) Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo and other regional tourism directors are expected to attend the launch. DOT-6 has identified 20 markets all over the region for the market tourism initiative, with Jordan as the first to respond to the invitation of the department.

DOT-6 regional director Helen Catalbas said they will launch the program on May 21, 2018 prior to the highlights of the Manggahan Festival.

“We will promote the market as among the stops in the itinerary of tour groups and even individual travelers to the island. Every time they go to Guimaras, they should not miss the market,” Catalbas said.


Catalbas said the local government of Jordan has pledged P22 million, 440,000 US dollars, for the rehabilitation and improvement of market facilities.

Part of the program is for Jordan to hold market days every Wednesday and Sunday.

“It used to have only one market day which is every Sunday. It is the custom of Filipino and even foreign tourists, researchers, and writers to visit public markets if they want to know the culture of a place,” she said.

The market areas were identified based on accessibility to the ports, the abundance of agricultural produce, and peace and order situation.

“The secretary wants this to be the benchmark for a new product developed by the regional office,” said Catalbas.

Personally, I’m pleased to hear that the market will have another major market day on Wednesday. While the marketplace is open every day of the week, the major players come only come out on Sunday. Many Guimaras residents will sell their cows, pigs, goats, and chickens on Sunday.

hulk the cow in guimaras mango land

My asawa, seen above with “Hulk, does the shopping at our local marketplaces in Guimaras, avoids the Sunday market due to the large crowds and lack of adequate parking. More fish and vegetable vendors sell their products on Sunday but hopefully, a new “big market” day on Wednesday will bring more vendors out on mid-week.

I plan to attend the festivities and report on the launch on this website.