PNP Profiling/Protection Program for Foreigners in Guimaras

Two of my foreigner friends on our island province of Guimaras were recently visited by law enforcement officers from the Philippine National Police. “What was the reason for the visit?” one of the expats asked? He was informed that the call was only for the protection of foreigners in Guimaras. 

PNP in Guimaras lead Manggahan Festival Parade

Profiling or Protection?

This concerned me. Was this a new policy of our local Philippine National Police? I sent text messages to various expats in the area to inquire if they, too, had been visited by law enforcement. Only the two aforementioned expatriates were.

Now I can assure you that the two foreigners visited by the PNP are in the Philippines legally. I’ve known them for years. I was mystified as to why they had seemingly been targeted by the local constables.

Like many expats on this island I know, we all value our privacy. I contacted a trusted local government official to see if I could obtain some information regarding these unannounced visits.

Later that morning I received a text message from my source who had spoken directly to the PNP Director in our region.

Purpose of the PNP Visitations

Here’s the text message I received:

“According to the PNP Director, it is only for Basic Profiling. That in case any untoward incidents, all foreigners are mapped and kept on record safe. Nothing to worry about.”

We, as foreigners in the Philippines, are only guests in the Philippines.  I will take the PNP  at their word unless proven differently.  In addition, I have complete faith in the veracity of my source.

Philippine National Police Guimaras

Keep in mind, that despite what you may believe or have read, you essentially do not have any rights as a foreigner.

I haven’t been personally visited by the Philippine National Police yet. Nevertheless, if they do stop by, I plan to cooperate. To me, it just makes good common sense to do so.

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