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Motorcyclist Passes Truck & is Killed: Truck Driver Arrested

It’s not the first time I’ve read an infuriating article online from the Philippines. I read three online newspapers a day: The Manila Standard, The Daily Guardian (from Iloilo), and the Panay News. When I read The Daily Guardian◊ the other morning, my blood boiled.

The Aftermath

Now dead are a motorcycle rider along with two others. Gines Bulaqueña, Jr., 27, now deceased, was driving a motorcycle. On board was Jenisaluz Miraflores, 30, who was injured. The news article did not mention if the driver or passenger were wearing helmets, as required by Filipino law. Less than 10 percent of the motorcyclists on our island province of Guimaras do.

Also injured was Raniel Bayting, 20, of Barangay Calao, Dumangas, Iloilo.

The accident occurred at Barangay Batuan, Pototan, Iloilo.

Cyclist Overtakes Truck on a Curve

Here’s the rub: according to police reports, Bulaqueña was driving a motorcycle with Miraflores as his passenger when the accident occurred.

Around 3:40 p.m., Jan 20, 2018, Bulaqueña overtook a truck on a road curve.

The Daily Guardian reports, “In a split second, the motorcycle collided with an Isuzu Elf truck running on the opposite lane.”

Ariel Defino, 20, also a resident of Dumangas town, drove the Elf vehicle.

 Motorcyclist Passes Truck: Truck Driver Arrested

Defino is now in custody of Pototan Police and will be facing charges for reckless imprudence resulting to homicide and serious physical injuries and damage to property.

However, I beg the question. Why was Defino, the truck driver charged and put in jail? The police report clearly stated that Bulaqueña overtook a truck on a road CURVE.

The news report goes onto to say that in a “SPLIT SECOND” the motorcyclist collided with Defino’s truck in the opposite lane. What chance did Defino have to respond?

I cannot comprehend why Defino was put in jail. The deceased, the motorcyclist, Bulaqueña, was negligent in passing a truck on a curve. Now he’s dead, his passenger and another person injured, and an innocent truck driver is in jail.

A Thousand Times in Guimaras

I’ve seen the same asinine driving behavior a thousand time in Guimaras, the island province we call home. In the past eight years I’ve resided in the Philippines, I’ve seen motorcyclists, jeepney drivers, and trike drivers pull the same stupid stunt.

These morons shouldn’t be on the road. They pass vehicles on curves and on hills where THEY CANNOT SEE THE INCOMING TRAFFIC. Some of them don’t even use their headlights in the dead of night!

Sure, this is an official rant from the Crusty Old Expat, but when lives are lost to stupidity and innocent people are jailed, I do tend to lose my cool. 


◊Jennifer P. Rendon (2018 January 22) “Rider killed, two others hurt in motorcycle crash” Retrieved from The Daily Guardian https://thedailyguardian.net/local-news/rider-killed-two-others-hurt-motorcycle-crash/


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