PhilHealth: Foreigner Married to Filipina Update


PhilHealth is the national health insurance plan of the Philippines. My wife, a Filipino citizen, first enrolled in the program in 2012, three years after we  had retired to the Philippines. The cost at that time was 1,200 pesos, approximately 24 US dollars, a year. As her legally recognized spouse, I was also included in the coverage at no additional cost as a dependent.

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Iloilo City Red Horse Beer Disaster

It was a catastrophe of Biblical proportions and will go down in history as the “Iloilo City Red Horse Beer Disaster.” The Panay News ran this tragic story yesterday. Over 150 bottles of Red Horse Beer fell off a delivery truck in Iloilo City. The bottles met their untimely demise on Benigno Aquino Jr. Avenue … Read moreIloilo City Red Horse Beer Disaster

Philippine Bureau of Immigration Expels 74 Rude Foreigners

philippine bureau of immigration

Careful who you piss off at your local Bureau of Immigration Office. A recent press BI release[i] revealed that the Philippine Bureau of Immigration gave 74 “rude aliens” the boot in 2017. “Persona non grata” status might also get your name on the Immigration Blacklist.

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New Philippines Domestic Helper Hired!

Run naked through the streets and shout it from the housetops! “New Philippines Domestic Helper Hired!” OK, you might want to skip that running naked part. Nevertheless, dear readers, The Crusty Old Expat is as happy as a turd in a toilet bowl. Moreover, my friends, that is about as a happy as a turd can get, though I haven’t spoken to any turds recently. “Poop-heads?” Well, that’s a different story.

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Despite Increased Risk, Sister-in-Law Stays in Kuwait

The Crusty Old Expat was saddened to hear of the torture and death of a Filipina, a domestic helper in Kuwait, who was from Sara, Iloilo. Sitting upright in a freezer, with arms crossed was the lifeless body of Joanna Daniela Demafelis, 29. Her body bore torture marks and signs of strangulation. For more than a year, the ill-fated Pinay’s body had been in that freezer. However, despite the increased risk, my sister-in-law Marjorie, also a domestic helper has opted to stay in Kuwait.

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Sister-in-law banned from Working in Kuwait?

Kuwaiti Beauty Blogger Promotes Filipino Slavery

Sister-in-law banned from working in Kuwait? That’s the question swirling around our household recently. My wife’s younger sister Marjorie (seen on the left) has been working as a domestic helper in Kuwait for over six years. Philippine President Duterte has called for a temporary ban on Overseas Filipino Workers, OFWs, to Kuwait.

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Motorcyclist Passes Truck & is Killed: Truck Driver Arrested

Motorcycle club in Guimaras

It’s not the first time I’ve read an infuriating article online from the Philippines. I read three online newspapers a day: The Manila Standard, The Daily Guardian (from Iloilo), and the Panay News. When I read The Daily Guardian◊ the other morning, my blood boiled.

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