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CONCLUSION: Philippines Vehicle Registration Ruckus. My asawa and I were heading out to our local Land Transportation Office, LTO, in Guimaras. After being told by a local insurance agent that our truck registration had expired last March, we had to sort the matter out. After reviewing our paperwork from LTO, I was under the impression our Ford Ranger’s registration didn’t end until later this month.

Languishing at the Local LTO

There was a herd of tricycles parked in front of our local LTO. I had never darkened the hallway of the office before. Our truck registration was processed in Iloilo City where we purchased our vehicle almost three years ago.

As I stepped in I was greeted by a foreigner I didn’t immediately recognize. It was Kenny, our local Santa Claus. But he had shaved his beard and mustache and could have entered the Witness Protection Program without ever being detected by anyone possibly looking for him.

After chatting with “Santa,” I walked over to the customer assistance desk and stood in line. There was a large contingent of locals already seated next to the help desk but as soon as the person ahead of me stepped aside, I stepped up. I’m not known for being shy. Besides, I’m a senior which gives me first place in any line, though I don’t always invoke that perk.

Clarification on the Real Registration Deadline

I handed our LTO registration paperwork to the civil servant and advised her we were told our registration had already expired. After a quick check on her computer, the young woman advised me that our registration actually didn’t expire until this coming August, eight months from now.

Though I was extremely pleased with that news, the federal employee then informed me that we would have to go to Iloilo City’s main LTO Office to renew our registration.

At least the insurance agent we had spoken to earlier was correct about that information, but why on earth she thought our registration had already expired last March is beyond my mortal comprehension.

So we thanked the LTO agent and asked our American expat friend Kenny if he knew where we could buy insurance for our truck. Our records showed our current vehicle insurance would expire in a couple of weeks. “Santa” informed us that there was an insurance office right behind the LTO facility. I thanked him and we were on our way.

Our New Insurance Policy

We were able to find the insurance office which was located behind the LTO building as our friend Kenny had said. The “office” was located outside a group of buildings alongside a row of eateries.

The insurance agent for the company typed out our new policy on an ancient rusty portable typewriter that was popular in the States about 30 years ago.

The cost for the new one year policy? Only 1,200 pesos a year. 24 US Dollars.

Now all we have to do is visit the main Land Transportation Office in Jaro, Iloilo. At the same time, I’ll renew my Philippine Driver’s License, which will now be valid for five years instead of three.

We’ll return to the local emissions testing center before we head over to Iloilo.

I’ll also take the opportunity to file my Annual Report with the local Immigration Office in Iloilo City which is in the process of moving to a new location. Philippines Vehicle Registration Ruckus. It’s finally over…for now.

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