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Trike Driver Could Get 8 Years in Jail for Using Chainsaw

Sometimes it boggles even my thick, fat kano skull. Though my Filipina wife and I moved to the Philippines over eight years ago, some news still astonishes me. Take it from the crusty old expat, I’ve seen a lot, I’ve heard a lot, I’ve experienced a lot. But the following news report: “Trike Driver Could Get 8 Years in Jail for Using Chainsaw” completely baffles me.

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Do Foreigners who have stayed more than 59 days need to file AR?

Earlier this month I made my Annual Report (AR) with my local Bureau of Immigration Office in nearby Iloilo City. Upon publication of that post, I’ve been asked a question regarding the AR from a faithful reader of “Philippines Plus” for many years.

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Beekeeping: Becoming Self-Sufficient in the Philippines

Bananas, papaya, and lemons are now producing fruit on the multitude of trees my asawa has planted on our three-acre property in the Philippines. Our cashew trees also have been sprouting blossoms recently. My spouse has a garden, which produces sweet potato leaves and okra. Watercress grows in our backyard. “Beekeeping: Becoming Self-Sufficient in the Philippines” may be our next step in self-reliance.

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Iloilo Immigration Bureau Megaworld Move

Iloilo Immigration

“February,” was the security guard’s response to my query. That is when the Iloilo Immigration Bureau Megaworld move would occur. My asawa and I were in the Iloilo Bureau of Immigration, BI, so I could make my Annual Report (AR) as a foreigner.

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Americans Top List of Sex Offenders Barred from Entering Philippines in 2017

Former US Ambassador to the Philippines, Harry Thomas, tried to warn everyone. Back in 2011, Ambassador Thomas stirred up a diplomatic row. The former Ambassador remarked that “40 per cent of foreign men who come to the Philippines, including from the US, come for sexual tourism.”

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