Another Filipina Helper Bites the Dust

Another Filipina Helper Bites the Dust

Our niece is bound for Manila. She’s been our chief domestic assistant since last September. “Pinky” is returning to her two young daughters just in time for Christmas. She won’t be back. Sigh. Another Filipina helper bites the dust. (Lead Photo Source: unseenhongkong.com)

The Filipina Maid Saga

In one of my latest E-books, “American Expat in the Philippines” I detail our ongoing saga with Filipina maids over the past several years. We have a special needs person in our household. My 86-year-old father-in-law still lives with us and has Alzheimer’s. Lolo (Grandpa) will probably outlive me.

The Crusty Old Expat is fortunate to be blessed with a hardworking asawa, spouse, who works from dawn to dusk as it is. She has enough work to do and not having a helper on hand more than doubles her workload.

I , however, still maintain my duties as the “sexy pool boy.”

New Domestic Helper Wanted Again

None of our expat friends in Guimaras know of any potential helpers. Though 124 people have been reported to lose their job due to the recent Chavez Bldg. fire, we haven’t been able to contact anyone possibly looking for work.

One of our Canadian expat friends informed me that a young woman we were considering hiring before was now pregnant. That’s what happened to the second domestic assistant we hired a couple of years ago.

We ask the Neighbors

My spouse went to visit one of our neighbors this past Saturday to see if she knew of anyone looking for work. The woman didn’t know of anyone at the moment.

We’re now paying 4,000 pesos a month, 80 US Dollars, with every Sunday off, for our new help. That’s 2,000 pesos above the recommended salary for our region of the Philippines. We also provide free room and board.

It’s a conundrum. Hiring a maid in the Philippines can be one of the most challenging tasks any expat, or Filipino, for that matter, can face.

As mentioned before, our niece isn’t returning. But frankly, it’s not a good idea to hire a close relative, in my opinion. My wife finds it difficult to discipline our niece when some chore is not done correctly. I’m smart and keep my mouth shut, letting my wife handle the domestic front.

“Another Filipina Helper Bites the Dust.” Life can get tough sometimes, even in “paradise.”