Dateline Davao: Speeders & Sexual Predators

Dateline Davao: Speeders & Sexual Predators

If you’re a speeder in Davao, you don’t have to worry about getting a ticket. The four speed guns provided by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) are damaged. No one has been cited for speeding in Davao since December 2016. However, if you’re a sexual predator roaming the streets of Davao, be forewarned. An ordinance punishing any foreigner who will be seen with a Filipino child unaccompanied by a Filipino adult is being proposed. Violators could be imprisoned for at least six months.

Davao Street Outlaws 

The 405, a band of street outlaws from Oklahoma City out of the 405 area code, would love Davao. Could you imagine drag racing when you were in high school, smoking your tires, knowing the law would do nothing to stop you?

The SunStar reports that Davao City Traffic Group Chief Ernesto Castillo said the absence of speed gun refrains them from apprehending speed limit violators. Barney Fife would be rolling over in his grave if he got wind of this.

“We had no apprehension, zero, but we had many violators as seen in the vehicular incidents,” he said.

Castillo said what the Davao traffic enforcers are doing now is just observing the speed of the vehicle.


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The speed guns are 15 years old and can no longer be recalibrated. New guns cost 500,000 pesos each, 10,000 US Dollars.

Chief Castillo put in a request for five new speed guns last March.

Once the speed guns are obtained five teams will conduct speed gun operations across Davao. There have been a total of 13,049 vehicular incidents from January to November this year in Davao.

This is an increase of 17.11 percent compared to last year’s data at 15,742.

Law vs sexual predators in Davao

Davao City Councilor Avegayle Dalodo-Ortiz has proposed an ordinance punishing any foreigner who will be seen with a Filipino child unaccompanied by a Filipino adult.

The SunStar reports that the Councilor wants to protect children from sexual predators.

Section 3 of the proposed ordinance passed on first reading states that: “It is absolutely prohibited for a foreigner or group of foreigners to be seen or to be in the company of a Filipino minor or children when such child or children are also unaccompanied by a Filipino adult.”

Section 4 of the proposal states that the law does not apply when the foreigner is a relative of the child up to the fourth degree consanguinity. [Editor’s Note: How will the foreigner prove that the child is a relative? Will the foreigner be required to carry some kind of documentation from the child’s parent? I believe that this is a good law, if it is passed, but the article doesn’t mention how the foreigner will prove the child is a relative.)

Persons to be punished include foreigner or foreigners violating the Section 3 of the ordinance, and any Filipino who knowingly places any child or children in the company of the foreigner without him accompanying such Filipino child or children.

Section 6 penal provisions indicate that each person violating the ordinance, shall, upon conviction, be imprisoned of not less than six months.