Philippines Beauty Pageant Obsession

Philippines Beauty Pageant Obsession. I’ve already suffered through months of news coverage regarding Miss Philippines Rachel Peters. Ms. Peters is a Filipino-British model who finished in the Top Ten of the recent Miss Universe Pageant. Much to my chagrin, the CNN news report was touting the visit of the new Miss Universe Demi Leigh Nel-Peters to the Philippines.

A Visit from the Queen

A bevy of Filipino lady boy make-up artists and fashion designers now paraded across my television screen anew. After watching some of them literally cry over Ms. Peter’s failure to break into the Top Five of the pageant, they were ecstatic over the visit of Nel-Peters.

However, the new queen wasn’t coming to the Philippines alone. Fourteen other Miss Universe 2017 candidates joined her along with Ms Peters. Where did the beauty queens hang out? Jollibee’s, of course.

The beauties also visited orphan girls in Manila but I think their meeting with Jollibee’s fat red bee mascot got more press.

LOOK Miss Universe beauties visit Jollibee ABS CBN News

Philippines Beauty Pageant Obsession

But what kind of message does this obsession Filipinos have with beauty pageants send to young women across the Philippines? Does parading around in dopey national costumes and skimpy bikinis do anything to further women’s rights? The Philippines beauty pageant obsession may be sending the wrong signal to young women in the archipelago.

Sometimes I think I’ve been transported back to 50’s America.

Look, regular readers of “Philippines Plus” know that I’m not a “politically-correct” guy. However, the recent revelations of sexual misconduct among politicians, newscasters and movie stars back in the States makes me wonder if this “Philippines Beauty Pageant Obsession” in the Philippines doesn’t help foster an unfriendly environment for women.

More Beauty Queen Pageant Winners Praised

A day after Jannie Alipo-on was crowned Miss Tourism International 2017 in Malaysia, another Filipina won a beauty pageant, this time in Singapore.

Jessica Eribal was named Mrs. International 2017 on Thursday, beating over 50 candidates across the globe.

The Philippines has won several beauty pageants this year, including Miss Earth, Reina Hispanoamericana, Miss Tourism International, Miss Pacific World, and Miss Culture World according to ABS CBN NEWS.

Can anyone keep track of all these pageants? It makes my head spin.

Another crown for PH Pinay wins Mrs

Do Beauty Pageants Exploit Women?

So what does a crusty old expat know about beauty pageants and how women feel? Not much. Though I’ve been married to a loving, loyal and beautiful Filipina for almost 18 years, it certainly doesn’t make me an authority on women. You married guys know what I’m talking about.

So I searched Al Gore’s World Wide Web and discovered this article from that was written by a woman, Kathryn Harter. Here’s a portion of what Ms Harter had to say on the subject of beauty pageant exploitation:

Beauty pageants are based on looks despite the inclusion of a talent portion. How one appears, what one wears and how one presents their self are the main bases of the pageants.

Personal accomplishments, intellect and personality are not as important as how they are seen by the public. This is superficial and sets up all people for failure. Nobody can reach the sense of perfection that is set.

These ideas may be combated with the argument that beauty pageants boost self-esteem. Yes, perhaps the boy or girl that wins will feel better about how they look because they beat other people but is that worth degrading the other participants. Along with that, the winner is now given the false idea that their beauty may be all they possess.”

The article comments section has this quote by Jay Leno:  “They always say the Miss America Pageant isn’t a beauty contest, it’s really a scholarship program. If that’s the case, why don’t we just put all the contestants on Jeopardy! And pick Miss America that way? At least you get the smartest one.”

Our Niece Quits the Pageant Scene

And while I wrote a post about our niece in Guimaras who entered her school’s beauty pageant last year, I believe she is quitting the pageant scene.

Our niece’s local barangay captain had approached our niece and wanted her to enter the beauty pageant at last year’s Manggahan Festival. She declined the captain’s invitation last year saying she was not old enough.

However, our niece was expected to enter the Manggahan Festival next year when she will be a year older, 18.

However, she has made it clear to her parents she doesn’t want to participate in the Manggahan event.

And really, shouldn’t that be her choice?

Does Philippines Beauty Pageant Obsession Demean Women?

 Our niece DenDen

Bikini Bans & Philippines Beauty Pageant Obsession

And yes, if someone want to enter a beauty pageant that is their choice, also, I’m all about freedom of choice in most instances.

I don’t think that municipalities have to go as far as former Cebu Governor, now Congresswoman, Gwen Garcia did and ban all bikini contests. Garcia, a Filipina politician I immensely respect, made the bikini ban law because she stated such bikini contests were humiliating to women.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve got nothing against women parading around in sexy evening gowns or two-piece bikinis as such. But do they really do anything to foster the cause of women’s rights?

Philippines Beauty Pageant Obsession: Is the Crusty Old Expat Guilty?

Regular readers of “Philippines Plus” may recall earlier videos which I used to post on this website which featured women from Fhm Magazine Philippines. Though none of the videos displayed any full frontal nudity, the videos did feature scantily-clad females.

Those videos have since been removed.

Occasionally a post will pop up which displays an attractive female, “eye candy,” as we call it in the “business.” I can’t guarantee you won’t see any more tasteful eye candy pics occasionally, but I thought I would feature one for this article:

old asian woman smoking(Photo Source:

(Editor’s Note: The author is a self-proclaimed redneck from Central Illinois and huge fan of “The Red Green Show.”  “Red” was an early supporter of women’s rights as evidenced by this following quote from him: Don’t you just hate it when you come home from a hard day at the track and your wife hasn’t shoveled the driveway?”)

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