Iloilo Biker Dead; Driving without Headlights at Night

Here’s something that’s puzzled me for years since retiring to the Philippines over eight years ago: motorcyclists that don’t use their headlights at night. An Iloilo City resident recently lost his life in a motorcycle accident. He wasn’t using his headlights at 11:15 PM. The biker had also been drinking and wasn’t wearing a helmet. The cyclist was attempting to pass another vehicle but collided with a van driver loaded with ice.Motorcycle club in Guimaras

But here’s the real kicker: THE VAN DRIVER WAS ARRESTED!

Iloilo Biker Dead, Driving without Headlights at Night

According to a report in The Daily Guardian, Marlon Pudadera, 22, Iloilo, was killed after his motorcycle collided with a delivery van.

Senior Inspector Dadje Delima, Leganes police chief, said the crash happened at around 11:15 p.m. of Nov. 23.

Pudadera overtook another vehicle then crashed into a van driven by Ronnie Boy Catipay of Negros Occidental.

Delima said the van loaded with ice came from Iloilo City when the accident happened.

Pudadera was leaving his sister’s house and was on his way to their mother’s house in Barangay Gua-an, Leganes.

His sister confirmed that he drank liquor before leaving her house.

Pudadera was not wearing a crash helmet and his motorcycle’s lights were turned off when the collision happened.

The Daily Guardian ended the story with the following line:

“Catipay was arrested after what happened.”

BUT WHY?????

For what asinine reason was the van driver taken into custody?

And why don’t many of the motorcyclists, jeepneys, and tricycles on our island province of Guimaras drive without their headlights on at night? Aside from pure stupidity, I’ve heard headlights aren’t turned on at night to “save fuel” and to extend the life of the battery.

But how about worrying about extending your own “life” and those that have to drive when you’re on the road without any lights on at night?