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Moron Screws up His Internet Account

The cancellation of the visit from our island province’s resident computer god saved me a few pesos.  Panoy, is known throughout the land of sweet mangoes, Guimaras, for his computer savvy. The tech wizard could have solved my problem with Globe quicker than a young boy can wipe snot off his nose with a shirtsleeve.

The Crusty Old Expat Prevails

But I stubbornly prevailed and was able to add my new internet account to my existing Globe account without Panoy’s assistance. Since I pay all of our bills online, sans Guimelco, our “power” company, it was imperative that I get the new number included with our existing Globe mobile service.

But my jubilation soon ended. I began getting notices from my Globe “Surf Alert” that I had already used up my data for the month. While I had the option of turning off the alert, I would then be forced to pay more than the P999, 20 bucks, monthly service I had for 16G worth of data.

I wasn’t about to do that and wondered how I used up my 16G’s already? It was only the 10th of the month and I never downloaded any movies or YouTube content. How could this be?

Reinstate the Old Plan?

While I had terminated my old P999 “Unlimited” Internet plan, I wondered if I could reinstate it. I still had the old SIM card for my WiFi service. The old plan, while “unlimited”, slowed down to a crawl when I ate up 3G’s of data.

But at least the old plan got me through the middle of the month. Why did my new “Super Plan” cut me off after only 10 days?  I figured I could use the new plan and switch SIM cards once the new plan’s data ran out. With the 999  “Unlimited” service I could at least have internet for the remainder of the month. Sure, I would have to pay for both plans, but it was worth it to me to keep my internet going.

Old Plan is Dead

However, after contacting Globe through their Facebook Messenger service, I was advised that the old “Unlimited” Plan was no longer available. Thus, the “Moron Screws up His Internet Account”.


Trip to Hell. The Iloilo SM City Sale

Since I wouldn’t have internet service until the beginning of the next month, I figured I might as well accompany my asawa to Iloilo City. SM City was having a gigantic three day sale. I dread the words “sale” and “Christmas shopping”. Both of these terms mean more people, more crowds and longer checkout lines; no doubt, my “patience” would be stretched to the limit.

And stretched it was; my wife and I stood in line OVER ONE HOUR at SM City to purchase two new sets of dishes. Why we needed any more dishes was beyond my mere mortal comprehension. My wife advised me we would be saving 30% on our purchases which would amount to thousands of pesos;  the dishes were needed for the next time we had extra guests at the house.

My better half doesn’t have the same affinity for disposable paper plates that I have. I figure since paper plates are good enough for me, they should be good enough for any guests, also.

My asawa, who grew up in a nipa hut with a dirt floor and no electricity and no running water doesn’t feel the same way.DSC

Call to Niece Goes Unanswered

I was already in a foul mood on our way back to Guimaras after our shopping trip from hell. My spouse tried to call our niece at home to let her know we were on our way. The call went unanswered. That’s not unusual. Our teen-aged niece was probably taking one of her three-hour long afternoon naps. She puts “Sleepy” from the Seven Dwarfs to shame.

After we arrive home and our groceries are unpacked (yes, we stopped at the SM City Supermarket after our long wait to purchase the new dishes) my wife asks our niece why she didn’t answer the phone.

Our niece informed her that she did not receive any call from her tita (aunt.)

“You’ve got the wrong SIM card in!” bellowed my asawa.


It seems that I had placed my new Internet SIM card with the 16G Super Plan inside our mobile phone. I had switched SIM cards in an attempt to retrieve the verification code I needed to add my new internet number to our existing Globe account.

I thought I had put the SIM that goes with the mobile phone back into place.

I hadn’t. Blame it on being an old geezer, but I had inadvertently put our mobile SIM card into my WiFi modem instead of the new internet SIM.

So after I placed my new Internet Super Plan SIM card back into my WiFi modem, I magically had my internet service back. My wife’s phone now has the correct SIM. Thus the title of this post is completely justified: “Moron Screws up His Internet Account.”

Its tough getting old.

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