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Crusty Old Expat Cancels Computer God’s Visit

Who says you can’t teach an aging fossil something new? “Crusty Old Expat Cancels Computer God’s Visit” celebrates the fact that even an aged geezer like me can overcome obstacles. While I might be in my twilight years, ready to meet Jesus any day now,  I actually finally figured out how to add my new internet service to my existing Globe account on my own. 

Drum roll, please! Thank you, ladies and germs for the applause!

OK, despite the fact it took me nine days to achieve this miraculous feat, my dogged determination resulted in a solution to my headache.

Though I tried multiple times via Globe to resend the verification code needed to enroll my new number, I never received any code. Finally, in desperation, knowing I had lost my battle with the giant telecom, I surrendered. Raised the white flag and called Guimaras’ resident computer god, Panoy.

Virtually every expat I’ve spoken to on our island province has contacted Panoy at one time or the other. Without him, I doubt half the foreigners on our tiny island would even have a connection to Al Gore’s World Wide Web.

The Ol’ Sim Card Switcheroo

It had been suggested to me that I should switch sim cards and place my internet sim in our mobile phone to see if my verification code would show up.

After trying that option three times without any success, I gave up.

But, in a miracle comparable to the parting of the Red Sea, my asawa notified me that a message from Globe had arrived on her mobile. The verification code to add my internet account had arrived!

Crusty Old Expat Cancels Computer God’s Visit

I race outside to contact Panoy, hoping to catch him before he arrived.

The resident computer whiz was supposed to arrive over a week ago, Friday morning.

Panoy usually can be counted on to show up the day he says he will arrive. However, the time of day is sometimes in doubt. It was already 11:30 pm when I reached Panoy to give him the news.

After informing the computer genius that his services were no longer needed, I logged off my computer, basking in my accomplishment.

It’s not often an old geezer can bite technology in the butt and figure something out without any assistance aside from Google.

But my jubilation was short-lived, Dear Readers. The 16G’s on my new internet plan ran out a few days later and I could no longer access the internet. It has taken me another nine days to figure out that problem but that’s another story altogether.

I figure I should release this post before something else gets screwed up or before we have another brown out, courtesy of our local utility, Guimelco.

More on the internet issue will (hopefully) be coming up.

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