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The Battle Rages On! At War with Globe’s Grand Gaffe!

It’s been one week since I’ve attempted to add my new Globe internet account to our existing account with the telecom. The battle rages on! I’m at war with “Globe’s Grand Gaffe!”


Crusty old expats throughout the Philippines, unite! To further irritate the aging American living in the Philippines, I’ve also discovered another problem with our telecom. Our existing line with Globe was renewed about two weeks ago. Problem is, the new “Super Plan” was never activated.

My assault on Globe’s office at SM Delgado in Iloilo City was planned for Sunday morning. After dropping off our Ford Ranger at our local parking lot outside of Guimaras’ Jordan Wharf, my better half and I reached the banca boat ticket office and faced a long line. My asawa joined the queue to purchase two tickets at 14 pesos each, 28¢.

I could have moseyed my way past the line and simply gone to the Senior Citizens Window but a ticket dispatcher handed me two tickets before I reached the Seniors Window. While I’ve bellyached before about rude Filipinos butting in line, I was on a crusade. Anything that could get me to my destination sooner justified my hypocrisy (in my own mind.)

And since the age of 60 is considered senior citizen status in the Philippines, I didn’t feel too bad about my line jumping. I’m several years past 60.


As my spouse and I braved the choppy waters, we arrived at Ortiz Wharf in Iloilo about 15 minutes later. After a quick breakfast at Jollibee, my asawa and I entered the SM Supermarket which opened at 8:00 am, an hour before the Globe office began business.

I stationed myself at the entrance/exit of the supermarket which was directly across from Globe. As soon as the security guard posted at the market gave the signal, I “rushed” over to Globe and was first in line for customer service right at 9:00 am.

bug globeGraphic Source: pinoyhacknews.com


While I waited for a Globe service rep to reach the counter, I girded myself for the upcoming skirmish. But when the telecom’s customer service agent approached, I feigned civility and was extremely polite in an effort to throw my adversary off guard.

First of all, I explained the situation regarding our call and text plan which had not been activated two weeks earlier. The young Filipino, “Jess”, apologized and proceeded to process our new plan.

While Jess began caring for my first request, I told him my tale of woe; my inability to add my new internet line to our existing account. He noted my problem and in a few minutes handed me a slip of paper. The paper contained a web address which I could use to access my browser at home. From there, I should be able to see the verification code I needed to add my Globe internet account.

I profusely thanked the young man and shook his hand…twice. We headed over to the nearby Robinson Mall where my asawa could get her hair trimmed. Might as well hit two targets with one rock.


Meanwhile, Globe had responded to my request for help regarding the verification code via Facebook Messenger. That group suggested taking my internet sim card (which was in my WiFi modem) and place it our cell phone. The verification code should appear on the phone.

But I wanted to access my gateway browser first. I added the web address that Jess had given me. Ecstatic, my gateway browser opened up! After sending another request for a new verification code I waited for the gateway browser to spit out my new code.

I waited.

And waited.

And, of course, nothing happened.


So I decided to attempt the sim card switch solution suggested by Globe’s FB Messenger. After prying my sim card of the bottom off my WiFi modem with my fat fingers, I managed to correctly place it into our Samsung mobile phone. I requested the verification code be sent again.

But to no avail. No code. So I finally reached out to the “Big Gun”, Panoy, our resident computer expert on Guimaras. I explained my problem to him and he’s coming over this Friday morning. And I guarantee you, if he can’t figure out how to extract the verification code I need from Globe, nobody can.


So while I wait for our island resident tech god to arrive, a call my asawa received yesterday afternoon puzzled me.

It was “Peachy” from Globe. The rep that was supposed to have set up our text and call plan in the first place but had failed to do so. “Peachy” was calling to inform us that our J2 Samsung phone had arrived (a free phone was part of our incentive to renew our plan.)

However, my wife was waiting for a J3 Samsung which is what her Super Plan 799 calls for. Peachy had not only not activated our plan, she mistakenly thought we had signed up for a Super Plan 599 which has a J2 Samsung for the reward.

Yikes! The Battle Rages On! At War with Globe’s Grand Gaffe!

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