American Arrested in Iloilo After Applying for NBI Clearance


An American was arrested this week in Iloilo after applying for a NBI Clearance. Instead of getting a clearance from the National Bureau of Investigation, the 52-year-old American from Hollywood, California, received a “go directly to jail” card.


Allen Jack Thomas was caught at the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Region 6 office in Iloilo City where he applied for a clearance.

The cyber pornography and human trafficking charges were filed against Thomas in 2007,  NBI Special Agent John Katipunan reported.

The American, who had been living in the Philippines for ten years, was attempting to secure an NBI clearance that he needed purportedly for opening an internet shop in the city. He was accompanied by his supposed employees when arrested.

Thomas only moved to Iloilo two months ago.


While checking Thomas’ records, NBI discovered that the foreigner had a standing arrest warrant issued by the Regional Trial Court, Branch 012 in Manila. The Regional Trial Court issued the arrest order against Allen and three other persons on June 13, 2007, for qualified trafficking in persons

The charges are non-bailable.


The American was originally defiant and initially claimed: “I have not committed any crime in my life. I would not have come here if I did. The worst that I committed was a traffic violation. This is crazy,” he told the Philippine Daily Inquirer at the NBI office.

However, “THE FREEMAN” (note the irony) section of the PhilSTAR reported that Thomas initially denied he was the same Allen wanted in Metro Manila, but later admitted that he was indeed criminally charged.

Thomas was detained at the NBI-6 and will be transported to Manila.


I was scratching my fat kano head after reading the online articles regarding the American’s arrest. How stupid can a person get? You go to the National Bureau of Investigation for a NBI Clearance and don’t think the officials there will discover your past warrants?

Since I’ve been in the Philippines for almost eight years now, I’ve read a lot of stories about acts of stupidity. If this American is guilty as charged, going to the NBI has to rank as one of the dumbest acts I’ve ever heard of.

And look, I know stupid, OK?

(Sources: Panay News, Inquirer Net, PhilSTAR)

Author: The Kano

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