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Expat Hangout: Guimaras Mountain Resort

“The Kano,” aka, “The Anti-Social Blogger”,  has actually been quaffing a beer or two with fellow foreigners lately. Our stomping grounds? A new expat hangout, Guimaras Mountain Resort. Located on the Guimaras Circumferential Rd in Buenavista, Guimaras, Philippines, the new haunt suits this American expat just fine.



On Fridays nights a contingent of expats from our island province gather together to share a meal and an adult beverage or two. Copious amounts of B.S. are shared throughout the evening. The married guys bring along their wives who keep the spread of manure to a minimum.

Well, at least for awhile. After our meal, the guys and gals go “Amish”. Most of the ladies hang out with their female friends. The guys gather together with one exception. We have a single female Canadian lass in our gang who could probably out drink most of the men.

Here’s a look at the alluring pool area the resort features.


Guimaras Mountain Resort Facebook


Americans, Canadians, Germans, Swiss, Turkish, Aussies and Brits are some of the foreigners in our crowd. The other Friday night, our designated meeting time, we had a table of about 40 folks, wives and children included.

In the next photo my wife, on the right in the foreground, is accompanied by one of her good friends, Emily. The resort is immaculately clean and the staff extremely helpful and friendly.


Friday nights Guimaras Mountain Resort


During last Friday’s visit, my asawa was giving me the eye. No doubt you married guys out there have seen this same look a number of times. She’s checking out Guimaras Mountain Resort’s new menu.

The menu features a wide variety of food, Filipino and Western style and reasonably priced. I’ve ordered fried fish filet with sweet-and-sour sauce for 210 pesos, 4.25 US Dollars. Last week, I chowed down on a Bacon Burger for only 90 pesos, 1.80 US Dollars. The burger featured real meat and wasn’t too bad. “Emily’s Fries”, 110 pesos, $2.20 USD was my side dish. Very tasty.

So for about four bucks, I had some “cheap eats” and filled my large kano belly. Add a bottle of San Miguel Pilsen for 40 pesos, and I’m one happy camper.


Checking out the menu Guimaras Mountain Resort

“The Look”

Buddies Guimaras Mountain Resort


Emily poses with my spouse who has fortunately dropped her “look.” Joy, another good friend, joined my wife and Emily for a picture in an earlier visit to our Expat Hangout: Guimaras Mountain Resort.


Hanging out with friends Guimaras Mountain Resort



While my wife and I don’t visit Guimaras Mountain Resort every Friday, we do plan to attend on Valentine’s Day. The joint is having a special buffet dinner for only 390 pesos, eight bucks,  a person. They’re going to lose money on this American expat in the Philippines.


Valentines Day Buffet Guimaras Mountain Resort

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