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Filipina Relative is a Scammer

“Filipina Relative is a Scammer” is the topic for today’s post.  One of my long-time supporters and personal friend recently asked my asawa and I for some assistance. Seems like my comrade’s older brother in the States was looking to communicate with a Filipina.  My colleague was wondering if my spouse had any female relatives his brother could chat with.



cute filipinas filled the beach at Raymen

Not the scammer, just a selfie moment at Raymen Beach in Guimaras


Without hesitation I checked with my better half who was outside in our dirty kitchen. 

I was eager to help my friend who I had known for years. Didn’t matter to me if I knew his brother, if he was my amigo’s brother, that was good enough for me.

My wife was cooking some chicken and pork adobo for lunch, one of my favorite Filipino dishes when I informed her of the request.

My asawa immediately thought of a relative in our island province of Guimaras who was single. But since the Filipina was too young, 26, she wouldn’t fit the 40-50’s age range my chum had requested. The older brother wasn’t looking for a Filipina girlfriend 50 years his junior.




But then my partner suddenly thought of another relative who was working overseas and in her 40’s.

The Filipina relative was one of my wife’s Facebook’s friend and I immediately passed on this information to my friend along with a link to the Pinay’s FB page.




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Some days passed. I received the following email from my friend. I’ve changed the name of my asawa’s relative and my friend’s brother in the following missive:

How are you doing?  Wanted to give you heads up about Melinda’s relative “Perky” who she introduced to my brother “Benny.” 

They started communicating on F/B, but according to “Benny” she basically is only interested in him to be involved in her sales business. 

Than he hadn’t heard from her in a week until yesterday when she claims her business partner in her catering business took all the business’s money and left the country and asked to BORROW $1500.00 from “Benny.” 

When he told her he wasn’t going to do that, she than asked “Benny”‘ if his family could loan her money.  I could not believe it.  I guess she has no shame.  So she may try to hit you guy’s up for the money.  We appreciate what you and Melinda did to help  my brother out, but it’s just one of those things that happens.  Take care.




I quickly informed my wife of the news. She was extremely distraught and said “Perky” had always been a “good girl.” Something had evidently changed. My wife apologized and asked me to relay the apology to our friend and his brother. I did.

My comrade replied and graciously remarked that an apology was not necessary. But my spouse and I were both sorely disappointed in this relative who evidently had visions of the lottery dancing in her head.

But I give my friend’s older brother credit for not listening to this Filipina’s pack of lies. He didn’t send her any money, of course, and that’s my number one rule for any single guy out there looking for a Filipina wife.



Yes, I know that there are scammers, male and female alike, all over the world, and not just in the Philippines. But for one of the con artists to be our own relative is completely unacceptable.

So take heed. Be ever vigilant. And, again, if the person you are communicating with asks for money and gives you a sob story about a sick grandma or some other excuse, dump them as fast as you can.

Sure, not all Filipinas are scammers of course. There’s a ton of you guys out there like myself married to awesome, loving Filipinas. Just exercise caution when communicating with any potential future spouse and use some basic common sense.

(Lead Gold Digger image courtesy YouTube)

2 thoughts on “Filipina Relative is a Scammer”

  1. Hi Dave:
    First I should let you know I’m alive and well. Sorry I haven’t committed on your post lately but I have been reading them. Glad you finally got your pool finished it looks wonderful. Also looks like your trip to Palawan was a wonderful time. I need to get back to Palawan and tour a little bit. We went to Puerto princesa a threw years ago but just for a day trip to buy some pearls.
    I don’t know if I told you but the first part of August the 3 of us moved to our home in sorsogon city. Yes there was 3 we bought are dog with us she is 14 and in good health. And there is no way I would leave her behind. She is adjusting ok. Since I did my 13A visa in the states getting my ACR card went smoothly pick it up in legazpi city a couple of weeks ago which I’m glad I didn’t need to go back to Manila to pick it up.
    Hopefully we will be able to get together sometime and I’m not going to miss Illinois winters.
    I’ve been watching the baseball playoffs hoping my Cubs can finally get a World Series…….
    Glad you got your poop situation under control. Stay healthy.

  2. I do plan on getting back to Palawan sometime my wife has a brother that lives there. And I have one of his daughters living with me here in sorsogon she is going to computer technology college here. I hope when she finishes school next year she will be able to get a job here in sorsogon. She is such a great kid and to tell the truth I would miss her . Yes we do have the new Gaisano shopping center will be opening soon here but don’t know if they will be ready by the 21 October. There is also the SM in the works and a LCC mall in progress. Kind of crazy first time I came to sorsogon 20 some years ago there was only one grocery store in town. And a few clothing and hardware stores. Now we have two savemore stores in town and a bunch of clothing,furniture,electronics,hardware and restaurants in town and there building the malls. They have also built a great pier here with a couple nice restaurants. The problem is traffic is getting so congested in town. Don’t know why we need all these malls legazpi is only a hour drive and they have the malls.
    Believe me I know about the goat curse on the Cubs but I really believe that this team is not buying in to any of that. As they say that was long before any of us on this team. They have a great team and if they just play like they have all season good things should happen. So tomorrow I will be tuning in to game one of the national division series.

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