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An unfortunate incident occurred during our luxury 2go cruise from Manila to Iloilo.  In a previous post, I related the tragic event in which a man jumped from our ship. At this time, the man’s body has not been found.




The 2Go M/V St. Therese of the Child Jesus cruise from Manila to Iloilo City was first-class all the way. The vessel’s last stop was Bacolod City but since we live in Guimaras, Iloilo would be our departure point.

All the perks we enjoyed on our voyage made the 22-hour-cruise pass by quickly.

That’s my lovely asawa relaxing on one of the double beds the room offered. The cabin’s total space was larger than some homes I’ve been in… approximately 125 square feet! Our space was at least three times bigger than the room we had at the Stone House Hotel Pasay City.


luxury suite 2go manila to iloilo





Two helpful employees from 2Go took our bags to the room after we checked in at the accommodations desk. The suite door was unlocked. My wife and I simultaneously exclaimed “WOW!”

We had never seen such luxury accommodations on any passenger ship we’ve traveled on in the Philippines.

The trip’s total cost? 4,289 pesos, about 91 US Dollars, from Manila to Iloilo.  We definitely had gotten our money’s worth.



best cabin we've ever seen in the philippines


The room even had a mini-fridge plus a large wardrobe and cabinet space.  There was also an electric pot to boil  water for coffee or tea. If we would have known we had the hot pot, we would have brought along some of our favorite instant coffees.   Coco Mocha and Berry Mocha from Nescafé are some new products I’ve been trying. 


my lovely asawa enjoying our 2go cabin suite





Another one of the amenities we enjoyed on our Luxury 2Go Cruise Manila/Iloilo was the large 50″ flat screen television. I had fully expected that we would lose the picture once we left Manila as has been the case on previous cruises we have taken.

But I was surprised to see that we kept a clear signal from all three major networks from the Philippines, ABS CBN, TV 5 and GMA during the whole voyage. We also had the Living Asia Channel and Star Movies.

I can only assume that the ship has some sort of satellite feed on board as all the programs were current. My wife got to watch the latest episode of her favorite show at 8 pm,  FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (The Man from the Province.)


big flat screen tv in our 2go cabin suite


We even had a spacious CR, Comfort Room, in our 2Go luxury suite with a bathtub! And the toilet even flushed!


our comfort room in our 2go cabin suite





Meals were included in our ticket price. I took the following photo of my lovely asawa as she stood inside the Horizon Cafe. The restaurant itself was the best dining room we had even seen on any shipping vessel in the Philippines. The meals, however, were a disappointment.


my lovely asawa at the horizon cafe 2go


My wife might be smiling for this next photo, but I wasn’t happy about our fish filet lunch. Though the meal was superbly plated, the portion-size wasn’t nearly enough for a large American expat like myself. Soft drinks were an extra 40 pesos.

The fish fillets were alright. Problem is, we only got a few small pieces. My spouse even remarked that the meal wasn’t large enough and she rarely complains.

No going back for seconds. The meal was only dished out by the 2Go wait staff.

While the servers were polite and professional, our culinary experience aboard the 2Go M/V St. Therese of the Child Jesus was not the best.


enjoying lunch at 2go horizon cafe



Dinner was even worse. We chose a beef dish which I found completely inedible. The beef was tough and chewy. I tired one tiny morsel of it and left it on my plate.

The ship did have a canteen on board where snacks and drinks were offered. But I snacked on a bag of white cheddar popcorn that I had purchased from the Mall of Asia SM Hypermarket the day before.

My popcorn, a Frito Lay export from America, claimed it was a “heart-healthy” snack. I really didn’t care. It tasted a lot better than my beef dinner.




There was even a spa on board the ship offering manicures and pedicures.  Our Luxury 2Go Cruise Manila/Iloilo had it all! My wife and I were extremely pleased with the amenities offered on this cruise and would definitely travel on this vessel again. We both highly recommend the luxury suite, and despite the unfavorable dining experience, don’t hesitate to give it 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.






I’ll leave you with some pictures I took as we approached the Iloilo Port.  Our departure was orderly and a porter carried our luggage from our luxury suite past a crowd of taxi drivers. We walked across the street from the Port Authority and my asawa hailed a cab for the short ride to Ortiz Wharf. At Ortiz we would catch a pump boat back to Guimaras, the island province we call home. Our journey from Manila was now completed.


2go manila to iloilo


passengers checking out the view 2go


parola dock iloilo



leaving 2go manila to iloilo


our arrival in iloilo


5 thoughts on “Our Luxury 2Go Cruise Manila/Iloilo

  1. Wow. That really is 1st class. My mind went back to my Cebu to Ozamis love boat rides in the 1990’s. Believe me they did not even remotely look like this. Of course we never made it to first class cabin because they were always full before we booked the ride. We ended up on military cots in a dorm like room. After coming from the states I would take rope and tie all of our luggage to the bed so I could get some sleep. First thing I did was look for the exit just in case it might be of need. Seems kind of funny now. I would ride that ship any day of the week.

  2. Dave – If you keep living in this high style, you’re gonna lose your well-earned reputation as a “cheap bastard” 🙂

    But the ship and room looks really great and the price including meals (albeit mediocre meals) was excellent!

  3. Looks real nice, I would like to go someplace on it and see how it works out, unfortunately, they dont go to Davao for some reason, but Gen. San. is not too far away from there, just a 2 hour bus ride. Davao has a huge shipping port, dont know why 2GO does not use it though. Gen. San to Manila would be a nice trip, but it looks like we would have to transfer at least once to make it there.

  4. Hi Dave,

    I actually prefer taking the ferry to and from Iloilo if you are not in a rush. One thing I have found if you like to gamble is book the cheaper rooms and then wait for when the ship leaves port and ask about upgrading to a better room. It is a lot cheaper to upgrade to first class. But then you run the chance of being stuck in a lower class if the ship happen to be full. I have done this a few times and it has worked out and been cheaper I guess I have been fortunate so far.
    I thought the same about the meals being not that great but at least you don’t have to wait in line like the rest of the passengers.
    The only thing I found was the Karaoke played way too late. Ear plugs help for the noise of the Karaoke and ship if sleeping is a problem


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