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American’s Bullet-Planting Charges Against NAIA Employees Dropped

An American’s bullet-planting charges against NAIA employees was dropped by the Philippine Department of “Justice.” The DOJ junked on Thursday American missionary, Lane Michael White’s, criminal complaints against NAIA airport security personnel who allegedly planted a bullet in his luggage. White refused to pay the 30,000 pesos, 640 US Dollars, the airport security were trying to extort from him and instead spent six days in police dentition.

White had the balls to stand up for his principles but what did it get him?

Absolutely nothing.

I previously wrote about this airport scam, or “tanim-bala,” at the Manila airport which was conducted by a contingent of useless morons who deserve to be fired and jailed.

However, ruling on White’s charges,  Associate Prosecution Attorney Honey Rose Delgado amazingly found no probable cause to indict the six airport security staff whom the American accused of involvement in the alleged scam.

Really? No probable cause? Why in the world world would the imbeciles at the Manila airport think the American would be carrying a bullet in the first place? Who goes around carrying a single bullet in his luggage aside from Barney Fife? It just defies common sense which is evidently lacking in the so-called Department of Justice.

Bullet Amulets

Sure, some Filipinos wear a bullet amulet which is supposed to protect them from evil spirits. I doubt an American missionary from the States would even know about this superstitious practice.

While Delgado believes that White was wronged when he was charged for something he did not do, she said she could not go beyond what the law allows in the filing of charges in court.

She said that although the determination of probable cause requires less evidence to justify a conviction, it should be more substantive than mere suspicion of wrongdoing.

Lane Michael White

20-year-old Lane Michael White (Photo Source: Coconuts Manila/SCREENGRAB)

Mere suspicion? The guy was locked up for six days. Radical Islamic terrorists coming into the United States proclaiming their allegiance to ISIS on Facebook have more rights than this American that was jailed.

White was arrested on September 17, 2015 after a .22 caliber bullet was found in his bag. He denied the bullet was his and accused the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) personnel of planting the bullet in his luggage and of attempting to extort P30,000 from him. White, who was supposed to be on a flight to Palawan, was detained for six days at the NAIA Terminal 1 aviation police facility before posting a P40,000 bail.

Pasay City Regional Trial Court Branch 119 dismissed the criminal case filed against White last December 10.

Not Guilty?

Delgado CLEARED Maria Elma Cena and Marvin Garcia of the Office for Transportation Security of charges of violating the Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act under Republic Act 10591 for allegedly planting the bullet.

She also DISMISSED charges of robbery, extortion and corruption against SPO2 Rolando Clarin, Police Chief Inspector Adriano Junio, SPO4 Ramon Bernardo, and SPO2 Romy Navarro of the Philippine National Police (PNP)-Aviation Security Group.

Atty. Winston Falcotelo, lawyer of the airport policemen, said the resolution of the DOJ was appropriately done in accordance with the law and rules on evidence.

“The dismissal of the cases is a vindication of all the respondents — that they are innocent of the accusation,” he said.

Really, Mr. Falcotelo? Then why did your clients try to extort 30,000 pesos from a foreigner who supposedly was carrying around a bullet in his luggage? Unbelievable! Clearly, your clients are the ones that dodged a bullet and escaped justice!

The Public Attorney’s Office recorded 77 “tanim-bala” cases, with 17 cases pending, from November 4, 2015 to April 23, 2016.

(Source: CNN Philippines)

4 thoughts on “American’s Bullet-Planting Charges Against NAIA Employees Dropped”

  1. That is just one of the reasons we choose to by pass Manila and go through Cebu. I would not want to have this guys experience for 1 night let alone a week. I hope he got his bail money back for all his trouble. I don’t even want to get started on the liberal minded nonsense going on in this country. Could be a really long post.

  2. Just because back in 2015, all of a sudden there was a rash of single bullets supposedly being smuggled into bags and being found by the, on the ball “security” people at NAIA and at least one person in Davao I read about. And from what I read, all were given the opportunity to just make the problem go away if an amount of money was paid to the “security” people. That alone should be enough reason to get rid of quite a few “security” people, in my opinion, but extortion is just a way of life there, they tried, they faced no consequences, so how long til a sudden rash of bullet smuggling will start again.

    I went through NAIA in early Jan.of this year, coming from USA. I went through absolutely no security other than just handing my passport to customs and having it stamped. After I picked up my luggage, I just went straight out the the front door and I didnt even see a place for customs to even check my luggage, they were not there as they has always been in previous years, so dont know if the bullet scam had anything to do with that or not.

    When I returned to US in last March, I had to pay the terminal fee in Davao, but for the first time ever, at NAIA I didnt have to pay it. Last year at NAIA I had to wait about 1 hour at the check-in counter for the airline, and the guy in front of me was also American so we talked quite a bit, we were on different flights, and we went to different ticket counters, then we went through the airport terminal station at the same time, I was told to go to the right and pay the terminal fee, where he was told to go to the left and had to pay no fee, so I just dont understand how that works other than they just single people out and some get picked to pay it and other get through for free.

    • Hi Bill. The reason you and the other guy went to separate lines might be due to where you bought your ticket. Most tickets purchased over the internet nowadays include the terminal fee in them, if the ticket is purchased through an agent this might not be the case.

  3. one thing i didnt really care to think about, but would be reminded by people who knew about my trip to Manila in April. As long as I knew i had nothing to hide;they could of searched my bags. Maybe it was cause i landed at midnight or what not. I just passed through after getting my bag. No one in sight to check my bags,haha. It’s a shame to get punished for something you didn’t do,but still it wouldnt stop me from coming back for sure.

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