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There’s a new sheriff in town: Rodrigo Duterte, the incoming President of the Philippines. Duterte has been called Asia’s Donald Trump. Like Trump, Duterte speaks his mind and doesn’t seem to care who he might offend, even if it’s Pope Francis, who he called a “son of a whore.”  Love him or hate him, you have to admit the new guy does have a set of balls.

“‘Rody,”‘ popular with the locals due to his successful zero tolerance policies against criminals in Davao, has earned the nickname “The Punisher” from Time Magazine. The Davao Death Squad, DDS,  tied to Duterte, is thought to be responsible for the execution of drug traffickers, criminals, gang members and other lawless elements.

Between 2005 and 2008 alone, more than 700 people went missing in Davao, presumably killed by the squad.

Duterte once told reporters, “I killed 700? They underestimated the figures.”

Reporters laughed, then one of them asked, “How many, Sir?”

Duterte answered “Around 1,700.” (Source: Rappler)

As President, “The Punisher” has pledged to kill 100,000 criminals and dump so many in Manila Bay that the “fish will grow fat” from feeding on them.

Over a period of 20 years, “Duterte Harry” turned Davao City from the “murder capital of The Philippines” to what tourism organizations now describe as “the most peaceful city in southeast Asia,” and what numbeo.com ranks as the world’s fourth safest place.

Loan Sharks Look Out!

Loan sharks or those lending money under the 5-6 system will not be allowed to operate in a Duterte administration. 5-6 simply means the amount you borrowed must be returned with 20% interest added. Example: If you borrowed P1,000, then you  should pay it back with 20% interest: 1,000 x .20 = 200. You have to pay P1,200 in return.

Duterte is threatening to deport Indian nationals if they do not stop extending loans at exorbitant interest rates of 20 percent the moment he assumes the presidency.

He noted that some Indian nationals  lend money to Filipinos through the “5-6” scheme, where the interest rate is deemed usurious. Duterte added that some Indians, called “Bombay” lenders by the locals, would also force their customers to buy refrigerators and other items even though they do not have electricity.

“Those who practice 5-6 everywhere, they lend money and make people buy blankets and furniture. So I will talk to the ambassador because this burdens the Filipino, we are made to suffer on bended knees). The Filipino is suffering, sad and hungry. I have to stop it,” he said.

“I’d like to ask the ambassador of India to help us advise their nationals not to do it, that is too much, or I will deport all of them for acts inimical to the interests of the Filipino people,” he added.

[Editor’s Note: I had to look this one up, maybe you didn’t. “Inimical” means tending to obstruct or harm.]

He, however, emphasized that those who do not practice the 5-6 scheme will be left unharmed. “We love Indians. They have been good to us,” he said.Duterte the Punisher

(Graphic Source: Indayvarona.com)

But rest assured, Bombay boys, there’s a new sheriff in town in the Philippines. It’s time to get out of Dodge.

Source: The Philippines Star

Nationwide Curfew and Alcohol Ban

Winning presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte will also impose a nationwide curfew on children and is also considering banning the serving of alcohol after midnight, his spokesman recently announced.

The uncompromising mayor of Davao floated the idea a day after securing a landslide election victory built on a pledge to wage war on crime and corruption.

“Duterte will impose a curfew on unescorted minors past 10 p.m.,” spokesman Peter Lavina told reporters. He might also impose a liquor and curfew ban like in Davao in public places, upon consultation and a review of laws.”

As part of an all-out war on crime in Davao, Duterte has banned the sale of alcohol in public between midnight and 8 a.m.

Pubs and bars caught violating the law risk having their business permits revoked.

Those under 18 are also banned from drinking liquor and cannot go out without adult escorts after 10 p.m., while vehicle speeds are set at 30-40 kilometers per hour in some city sections.

The proposed liquor ban will not outlaw alcohol consumption inside people’s homes.

(Source: The Philippine Star)

Rodrigo Duterte, the new sheriff in town. Bad guys, beware!

11 thoughts on “There’s a New Sheriff in Town: Rodrigo Duterte

  1. Not to mention the no karaoke and no loud music at 10pm 🙂 Dave,my sister told me they are now imposing the 1AM liquor ban in Bacolod 🙂

  2. As with trump I take everything he says with a grain of salt. Sounding tough worked to get him elected. And I would love to see a lot of these changes happen. but getting some of these changes passed thru congress will be a challenge. We all know running a city and running a country is like night and day.
    I’ve never been to Davao but from some things I hear and read is that Davao is a clean safe city as long as you stay within a certain area. Some say you get outside the safe zone of the city center it is not the same.
    I imagine it’s like any big city in the states stay in the right area your fine but there are parts of the city you would want to stay out of especially at night.
    I did read a article on the new mayor of Cebu starting to be tough on criminals offering rewards to police for killing them No questions ask. Guess he figures it worked for Duterte in Davao. Which I wouldn’t have a problem with until a police decides he needs a little extra money yikes… I would hope that he would at least make sure that there was criminal activity going on and if there wasn’t they should hold the police accountable. It could be a dangerous game.

  3. The vast majority of my time in the Philippines has been spent in Davao City, and we stay in the Matina area when there mostly. I really dont have anything bad to say about Davao. On my very first visit there just taking the 45minute ride from the airport to where we rent, I noticed how clean all the streets were and saw almost no trash anywhere we go, although I do wish that throughout the Philippines they would put out trash cans both on the streets and in the malls, there is never a place to throw anything away there.

    We are not night people and dont go out too much after dark, so I cant comment much on that, but I have never felt unsafe anywhere in Davao that we have gone. I dont drive, we only take cabs mostly, but I have seen many times where they set up speed traps to target speeders, and in my opinion the speed limit is too slow in many areas. I have also heard that Duterte wants to ban the sale and use of all fireworks everywhere, as it has been for a long time in all of Davao.

    Only time will tell as to how successful Duterte will be in trying to change things there, especially with all the corruption, seemingly everywhere throughout the Philippines, but I wish him well in trying, just hope he is at least partially successful. Oh, he has also said he will get faster and more dependable internet throughout the Philippines, good luck on that one.

  4. Good day from Canada,where we (but not me)just elected a playboy who legalized pot.What a goofball!He lets in “refugees” and gives them free homes,and new computers,cellphones,etc.,on the public dime.Criminals here are running free due to the gun ban,and our politicians blame everything on the American guns coming to Canada.Yeah,right,guns are the problem,not a lack of moral training by parents…crazy country,that’s why I want to leave.Sorry for the rant…but here we have Human Rights code that prevents me from speaking the truth.Joe.PS I remember the time when we had no gun laws here,and very little crime…now we got laws and plenty of crime to go with them

  5. Thanks for the input.Beginning to think I was paranoid because where I work I can be charged with harassment for telling a joke,even about the weather, if someone finds it offensive.Now we are getting unisex toilets for the LGBT whatever people.And no jokes allowed.Yeah,I want to move to Philippines,taking it one day at a time,and see where God leads me.Once you lose your freedom of speech,you lose ALL your other freedoms too.Americans take note: your right to bear arms protects your other rights

  6. I’m beginning to think this new sheriff might not last long. I’m with him about his religious comments about the Catholic Church I myself believe all churches is big business. I believe in God but don’t necessarily believe you need to belong to a particular religion or church. But for him to be that vocal about the Catholic Church in his position I would think is pretty dangerous. But got to give him credit for having the balls to lash out about it. And telling them he will debate with them if they want to.

    1. I also heard about plan B. wouldn’t surprise me at all even though they are denying that there is anything in the works. I do know Marcos camp is raising a lot of questions about votes being hijacked but I for one find it amazing that Filipinos would ever want another Marcos in power. How soon they all forget history.

  7. Good day,gents.Hope Duterte can do some of what he says.Dangerous to make an enemy of the RC church.I’m with Roger on the religion issue,it’s as Ronnie Hawkins once said “I believe in God,but I’m a little leery of His ground crew.” I think Ronnie is still alive in Canada somewhere,although he was born in Arkansas.Joe.

  8. HI Dave,
    I live in Canada as well and I don’t find it as bad as Joe.
    I don’t mind pot being legalized; better the government makes tax dollars off it then drug dealers and other criminals.
    I am not for guns so I wouldn’t care if they were all banned.
    I love Canada and the USA. I have lived and worked in both countries and they both have their pluses and minuses.
    However I do wish to retire to the Philippines as I love that country too. I wish more people there respected the environment as there is a lot of garbage everywhere. The Philippines has so much penitential if there was a great leader and not so much corruption. Maybe Duterte can get things rolling in the right direction but he has a major uphill battle to change the entire country.

    1. Hi Dave,

      I understand the US and there rights with guns. Just for me I never had use for a gun and never will hopefully. When I worked in Mississippi all the male staff I dealt with seem to always be talking about guns and what they plan on buying next. There were some place in Jackson I would avoid. My neighbour worked for the gas company and he said there were areas in Jackson they wouldn’t go unless they had a police escort.

      As for trash I know what you mean. I constantly hold on to any trash I have until I find a trash can or just take it to my home there in Pavia and put it in my own trash.

  9. I was in Philippines during the elections and I could see how fed up the people were. He spoke his mind and I think thats what the people respected. Not another politician who says what the people want to hear; then do the opposite after being elected. One thing i hope he manages to accomplish is his stance for family planning. Something the church is against. Being an atheist who is going to marry a filipina might not make me very popular with my future new family, but the realities of over population are seen everywhere not just in the Philippines. In my humble opinion.

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