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Our worker is shot to death by his younger brother in Guimaras, the island province in the Philippines we call home. I was stunned when my wife announced to me that: ” Melchor is dead!”

We had just returned this past Thursday afternoon from a mini-vacation in Bacolod, “The City of Smiles,” when  my wife gave me the shocking news. Our brother-in-law, Joery, who is painting our new house in the Philippines, gave my asawa the sad report.

Paterno Tacaisan, 36, shot dead his older brother Melchor, 42,  on Wednesday evening, Jan, 20, after Melchor tried to calm down Paterno when he became started becoming rowdy during a birthday celebration: “Go to sleep, Bro!” was Melchor’s admonition to his younger brother.

But Paterno was pissed and quickly drew his .357 and shot his eldest brother in the upper chest!

Melch was DOA by the time they reached the local provincial hospital in Guimaras.

Melchor and another brother, BongBong, had been working on our new pool and have been on our crew for over a year, helping to build our new home in the Philippines.

In fact, Joery and one of our workers, DP, were at Melchor’s that lunchtime for a birthday celebration that tragic day for a seven-year-old relative. Neither Melchor or brother BongBong went to work that day.

My brother-in-law reported that Melchor was happy and dancing and having a great time at that lunch. Little did anyone know at that time the tragic events that would unfold in sleepy Guimaras province.

After Paterno killed his older brother he took off on his motorcycle and ditched the .357.

The killer later showed up at the Jordan police station with his wife and turned himself in. However, he filed a police blotter in which he reported Melchor and he were struggling with the gun and it accidentally discharged. Family members at the scene have disputed that account with their own police blotter report.

Paterno was promptly arrested.

Melchor’s mother filed a complaint against the son as Paterno was reported to have also threatened the dead man’s six siblings and their mother.

We recently sponsored Melchor’s daughter, Merry Joy, at a christening.

But there was no argument going on as reported by some online newspapers account.  It has been reported that Paterno may also have been using drugs.

Melchor’s body will be at their house until the funeral, February 7, 2016, at the Municipal Cemetery in Jordan, Guimaras, at 1:30 pm.

It’s a common practice in the Philippines for the bodies of loved ones that have passed away to be displayed at the home so visitors can drop by. We recently paid our respects to the family and I admit to fighting back tears when expressing my condolences to Melchor’s wife, mother and father.

We’re praying for the family every evening. I cannot convey in mere words the sadness I feel over this tragedy. I’m still in a state of disbelief waiting for Melch to show up in our back yard smoking a cigarette and digging away.

We’ll miss you, Melchor.

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8 thoughts on “Our Worker is Shot to Death by His Brother

  1. Dave,

    Another senseless death. Alcohol/Drugs and guns is never a good combination. RIP. Will pray for his family, especially for the children. Such a sad tragedy.

  2. Hi Dave, sad to say but life is cheap in the Philippines and to kill your own brother
    Makes it even worse, and as papaDuck says alcohol and drugs a bad combination ,
    I never hang around if I know someone especially a Filipino is drunk things can turn
    Bad an harmless comment from a foreigner can be taken the wrong way,
    I always take a deep breath and keep my mouth shut best way,
    Derek in pasig.

    1. Hey Dave I have another dumb reason for loosing life in Philippines. Over a leftover Bowel of Rice. Read in PDI that one brother wanted to eat leftover bowl of Rice but other Brother gave it to dog and got killed over it.

  3. Sorry to hear about this tragedy Dave. You just never know where violence will turn up here, but you can be almost certain there will be alcohol involved. Our village lost a resident when his 1st cousin stabbed him in the gut over a stupid argument. I do not partake with locals…ever.

  4. Well Randy, not partaking with locals is a bit shameful as far as I am concerned. While this is tragic, and I hope the murderer spends a lot of time in prison, this stuff also happens in America and every other country. To not partake with locals takes away so much of the fun of being in the Philippines. To each their own…I guess.

    I find it hard to understand why when things happen in the Philippines people totally overreact. It is like foreigners don’t understand that murders happen EVERYWHERE and murders in families happen every day in western countries.

    Now, onto this tragic murder. I feel for you Dave. It must be really really sad for you, your wife, and all who cared for Melchor. May he rest in peace.

    1. Dave, I will be in the Philippines in less than three weeks. Ruby and I really would like to come and visit you and your wife as that area is a place where we are considering moving. And…we also (especially me) want to meet you in person.

      One of the things I really like about you, besides being funny as heck, is that you take in the culture. I really respect that. This is not my first rodeo, I understand how things can go south really fast in the Philippines. But being part of the local culture and hanging out with the locals add so much to the experience.

      I have a friend that started going to the Philippines because of me. For some darn reason when he is there he wants nothing to do with the culture, the people, the food…just nothing. I really feel sorry for his wife as it is obvious that it bothers her a lot.

      I can tell that YOU would be the type of expat I would like to hang around with at times. Sure, we all shake our head in disbelief at things we see in the Philippines but we do NOT let it ruin our experiences. Just reading your story about Bacolod made me envious. LOL.

      Take care, maybe we will have a cold one together soon.

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